Defining My Call to Action

A call to action is your way of defining what you are aiming for. In business, this could be what the business is driving their services or products for, something that shows that the business means to stand out above the rest. For me, defining myself with my call to action, I seek out to use my skills to aid others. I believe that seeing can be believing in some cases, words are always meant to be heard as long as those words are never harmful, and motion and sound are the truest forms of communication since our understandings of those senses.

With my video production and photography, I hope to give people the options of vision to be a representation of what they feel and know with what they choose to visually share. With words that need to be shared, I hope to have people listen to others through the use of audio recordings with podcasts, audio storytelling, and musical promotion/net labels. As I help others, I aim to grow, build, and define myself through collecting my experiences with my portfolio, channels, and online presence. For my visuals on my call to action strategy, you can see them on my previous post in the link below.


A Voice for Brands or Products

For me and all the things that I am immersing myself into, there have been several things that I have enjoyed and advocated over time. From several means of entertainment, media, and even artwork, there has been many things that I have wanted to share with others to let them experience the things that I have enjoyed as well. With entertainment, I have been involved with lots of musical support with my music and other musicians, with games I aim to help others play learn new exciting games for pass time and learning experiences, and this could even be said for video games as well.

Media and artwork have been hugely connected in the past few years. With social media as an excellent standby, lots of artists can share what they have created and I often find myself supporting them by liking and sharing different works. The same goes with music and have been a supporter of various net labels and musician web pages, such as Bandcamp and Soundcloud. In this day of growing technology and the changing of how marketing is starting to work, independent artists and musicians really invest lots of their time to shape their brand and their style. With these in consideration, I always learn to enjoy the most out of all of those that I enjoy.

Infographics and Social Media

In social media marketing, it is very important to know what platforms in social media that you and your audience are using. Sure there is a whole world of different social media platforms out there, but it is best to know which sites work best for you and you know how your social media marketing is working with those sites as well. It can be a handful to balance multiple platforms if you’re not used to it, and maybe sometimes you can only post enough to work on a few sites, so it’s good to stick to a few social media sites you are comfortable with at first while going into your marketing.

Here is a good example of popular social media sites on a “cheat sheet” infographic displaying their pros and cons.


Full site with further information:
by Irfan Ahmad Sep 12, 2014 (All Rights Reserved)

For my marketing, I would use 3 sites as my standards for what I would specialize in with photography and video. Instagram would help me display my work and utilize how Instagram highlights stories with tagging photos and video. Facebook has been a powerhouse in new forms of marketing and how businesses can apply their information out to the public, with Facebook I would create pages and advertisements to reach those on the platform. Twitter is still steadily growing in popularity in the social media world and also helps with having posts trend through tagging and popular topics. We can all link these sites together as well when we post, utilizing this feature will always help with getting your content posted.

Defining Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is everybody’s mark online. It’s how you choose to represent yourself in the virtual world and everything that you are involved with; be it marketing, entertainment, and your connections. This is just the tip of the iceberg in defining what Digital Citizenship is, there is endless possibilities to which you can show who you are online. If you have an avatar on one of your favorite virtual connection sites, then that’s a form of your Digital Citizenship, if you have online stores where you sell used items or handmade objects, that is a form of Digital Citizenship, and even being on social media is a form of what Digital Citizenship is.

As we hear the term “Pay it Forward”, we can ask ourselves; “How does paying it forward connect with Digital Citizenship?”. As we connect online, we start to see how everyone chooses to represent themselves individually, and with this each person has a different passion and calling that they invest in. When we see a post about our friend’s business on their Facebook page and we share it, that’s a way that we can pay it forward in Digital Citizenship. Suggesting friends to new sites or groups is a way of how we pay it forward. Encouraging others to post their business online is definitely paying it forward. Online we can always encourage paying it forward with our Digital Citizenship, this is how we adapt towards the new era of business that we are currently apart of, The Social Era.

Social Media and Storytelling Videos

As effective as Social Media works with our Storytelling videos, I haven’t really gone past the point of sharing my videos throughout social media, I more so have just focused them within school work in itself since most interaction with my social media is personal and related to other projects. Though my interactions with social media and class work are somewhat separated, some of my work is kind of done in reverse where my independent projects influenced my work with class projects, such as studying on video layers while working with my music video that involved my own music project, or even the use of older work with video and 3D design in courses I’ve done before. This is just a short step I’ve taken to keep my skills with what I’ve learned, in the future I do plan to actually share my stories through social media if the projects fit towards the synergy.

Here are some links to the videos I worked on while practicing editing with videos. They are on my facebook and are pretty short, but are still really cool with how they turned out. The videos are work with 3D design use with Photoshop, and another video that I’ve done to test video layering with Photoshop that you have seen utilized in my original story project.