Original Story version 1

Here is version 1 to the Original Story Video Project. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done before version 2 is done, this is just a sample video of placement footage to represent ideas that will be used for the video. We still need to get a proper location that will work for the full effect of the video and also obviously the audio once we have more filling footage and the complete story that the video will be telling. This video is not official towards the finished product, but it will give a taste of what the finished version might show.

Here is the story board

story board

Here is the video.


The Influences of Star Trek’s Transmedia

When Star Trek comes to mind, I think of a series that exploded into mass popularity among many around the world. Since it’s start in 1966, the name of the franchise has been a household television legend that everyone would recognize for it’s outstanding stories and captivating immersion with the theme of space, the final frontier. To think of Star Trek being beyond a television show is definitely apparent throughout media, but also in the sense that Star Trek has made an impact in our real world beyond the television screen.

The impact of television shows can easily push inspiration by Transmedia and Star Trek, since it’s early years, has made great impacts into science and culture as we know it today. One of the most common impacts that we know today is a pretty easy one to see, the everyday cell phone. Martin Cooper, the chief engineer of Motorola, was influenced by Star Trek and the means of the show’s technology and sparked his inspiration to invent the cell phone that we all know of as this moment. Also spanning towards dynamics in science and space technology, Star Trek has given inspiration to Dr. Marc D. Rayman, the chief propulsion engineer at NASA to develop the newest form of ion propulsion in deep space probes.

Even in other television series or films, Star Trek leaves it’s marks by comedic quips that Star Trek fans could only understand and even nods to the series that producers would implement in their scripts of famous shows we are modernly familiar with. Some examples I relate towards would be shows such as The Big Bang Theory, Robot Chicken, Family Guy, That 70’s Show, and The Wonder Years. Through out the years that Star Trek has traveled through media and it’s amazing style of development, it’s easy to see how successful this titan of a series can be influential through Transmedia.

Project Content Curation

With our video projects on busy street, everyone has been very busy with bringing our video projects together. So far with the gathered material we have organized and planned together, we are bringing progress closer and closer towards our end goal in the development of our video projects and sharing them with the world. Each project that I’m involved with have taken the ideas and approaches and have brought them to life in one form or another, and with this coming a long we surely have been excited to collect all of the content that has been coming along thus far.

Two video projects already have gathered many content pertaining towards short video clips, montages of video, and numerous amounts of photos that have been used for either personal use or stills. The process has been very fun and we have been more than proud of our achievements in how far we have come to highlighting the most of what our videos will be offering. We learn that in Transmedia that curating this content helps with giving viewers and others of interest a sneak peak and updates on how we have been doing. I have always loved this aspect in the world of production and I can’t wait to share the content that I have gathered for my projects.