Visual Vocabulary Experience Treasure Hunt Subject – Chronoception

All images found through Google’s Labeled for reuse with modification tool.
Any images used in gifs that might have been sorted in but still require credits are labelled as such.

1. Bored


One image credit requirement:

2. Interested


One image credit requirement:

3. Annoyed


One image credit requirement:

4. In the Zone / Flow


Basketball Player credited: Senior Airman Daniel Hughes
Cheetah Credits:

Visual Vocabulary Experience Treasure Hunt Subject – Audioception

1. Loud


2. High


3. Low


4. Quiet


To achieve these gifs, I used a process called sonification that takes the data of an image and is altered by the process of sound waves. The sound waves manipulate the images appearance of how the wave forms data is coded towards the image. After each image was generated by the different volumes used, I took the images separately and created the gifs with animation frames. The sonification coding was used with Processing software, coded by the user tsulej.