Shared Experience Video

Here is my video project for our Shared Experience video for Directing and Production class. Earlier I made a previs for this video with how I could have planned my video. I had quite a few ideas written down, but my video had changed due to how much I could fit into the video. All together, I did manage to get the major exhibits at the museum and featured my favorite photos that I had taken. Below will be the previous previs and then the video.

MoPop Previs

Olympic Medical Center Volunteer Program – Documentary Video ver. 1

Here is my groups video for our Documentary project, featuring The Olympic Medical Center Volunteer Program. This video has extensive work highlighting the major roles that the program has to offer for the Medical Center. This video is meant to capture the most professional and personal side of the program’s volunteers and the hard work that the program provides.

Our team has collectively worked on every aspect towards editing. We have provided numerous interview videos, b-roll, and audio arranging. Our first development for the video is focused on the storytelling side of those involved with the volunteer program.

Here is the video that our group has come up with for version 1.

Funding for Films

As a video producer, it is important to be creative, but another important thing to consider if you’re planning to make videos as a career is to figure out different means of funding to further your work. There are several different ways that you can pursue into making sure your video projects and yourself is earning the funding deserved for what you are doing. Working for free can only go so far and most major projects that you do are definitely costly towards the amount of experience you have, so don’t be afraid to set guidelines to selling your service.

One of the major ways that you could be funded is to apply for different types of grants that can be considered depending on what you need the grant for and how you properly apply for the grants. Grants could be in simple amounts that will help for short term service and other grants could be offered based on your experience and the size of the project. Grants are always a great first step while looking into funding.

When you do find a project that someone is offering to be done and they are considering your service, be sure you ask how much they are willing to fund towards what they are expecting to be done for the project. Good ways keep track of people giving prices towards their project, is first find their budget then jot down what is most important to be paid for with your service, include details in a video proposal. Once it is a set deal with both you and the client, be sure to write up a contract that entitles all the agreed work to what will be done during the work progress and the ownership of the content made towards the project.

Be sure to manage your service’s funding and incomes properly while you are working. Be sure to open specific bank accounts that will be strictly for your service and business, this will make balancing the circulation of supplies, equipment, and other necessities while you are working on major projects. Keeping proper management of your funding is essential to your client and reflects who you are professionally.

Shared Experience Previs

Here is my previs for my possible take on the Shared Experience video project coming up. The video might be on my experience at the previous MoPop trip last quarter. Depending on my availability to make it this quarter or not, this will be my stand-by previs until I figure out my situation on being able to go on this quarter’s trip. If chances are in my favor and I’m able to go, then I will do another storyboard for the upcoming trip.

MoPop Previs