Video Sampler Scavenger Hunt #22 – Transmedia

Video 22 of the Video Sampler Scavenger Hunt Projects for Digital Video Projects class.
This video is a sample of Transmedia.


Original Story Video Project: Shelter Music Video – JackCote

Music video for Shelter by my music project, JackCote.
Jack Cote Productions © 2017
JackCote Music © 2017


The story behind this video is to take a third person perspective into the dark. The setting feels like a call for escape from danger into the nearest place you could find, no matter how dark and dreary. Where is your hope? The video’s message is found at the end when you know where your hope is in this shelter.

Original Story version 1

Here is version 1 to the Original Story Video Project. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done before version 2 is done, this is just a sample video of placement footage to represent ideas that will be used for the video. We still need to get a proper location that will work for the full effect of the video and also obviously the audio once we have more filling footage and the complete story that the video will be telling. This video is not official towards the finished product, but it will give a taste of what the finished version might show.

Here is the story board

story board

Here is the video.