Immersive Engagement Midterm Report

Since the beginning of the quarter in our Digital Storytelling course, we have been going nonstop with adding content to our Immersive Engagement project in The Hero’s Journey. With a new sim and land at our creative prospect, we took all of our ideas and made them possible. Though some steps have yet to still be added, we have made our virtual space flourish.


Along the way of working in our virtual space, I have been documenting the progress of work in a page of mine. This page features links to each post made for the Digital Storytelling course, images of our work in virtual space, and Visual Vocabulary. Here is the link to that page here on WordPress.

With my step being Step 12, I have been adding the ideas that I have brainstormed in previous assignments. Thus far with the creation of step, it is featuring gallery items, our previous sim’s campfire area, and also has some friendly woodland critters coming to join us as we reach the end of our journey.


Though the step has come a long way from being the hill centered in the sim to arrange the layout of where our steps would be, it still has a few items to incorporate. Items I am working on will have textures soon and the step will have other items to come. These items are the Cedar Trees, Message-in-a-bottle, Rays of light, and scrolls to represent diplomas.

The effect that my step will bring will show others the progress made by those that have taken The Hero’s Journey. It highlights work made by those students before use, of the present, and will be a placeholder for future students as well. This step is the bookend of the storytelling experiences that we have been perfecting since the beginning of The Hero’s Journey.

Thinking ahead into the campus scavenger hunt that The Hero’s Journey will be taking place on campus at Peninsula College, places that will feature my step will be two locations. First will be the Administration building which represents the college alumni, this works with the symbolism of previous heroes from our college. Second will be the Longhouse, featured towards the campfire that we surround at the trail end of our journey, we come here with our elixirs and tell our stories of success as heroes.

With our scavenger hunt, we will be working with our Keys to Success, they will be implemented through augmented reality or QR code while those experiences the journey on campus with the scavenger hunt. My ideas for those keys in relation to the areas associated with my step, I have thought of a few possibilities of which keys could be found. These keys would possibly be Connect, Communicate, Enrich, or Respect.

All 12 Steps

The Hero’s Journey

Chris and Joseph – Step 1: Ordinary World – This step refers to the hero’s normal life at the start of the story, before the adventure begins.


Chris and Joseph’s step has been the must fluctuating step that the project has been working on, and for good reason as this is the first step. Lots of amazing ideas have been made for their step and even before their step as they help people gain their footing as they enter Second Life. You can really feel the reflection of the real world in this step and the urge for adventure as you are encouraged to take the journey.

Step 2: Call to Adventure – The hero is faced with something that makes them begin their adventure. This might be a problem or a challenge they needs to overcome.



Seth’s archways make their respected return to the sim and will guide way to which defining step you will take as you pursue your adventure. As you leave from “your room” in Step 1, you will come to the paths that you feel is the purpose of taking the journey. This step will represent which kind of story you will tell in the end.

Blair (Robert) – Step 3: Refusal of the Call – The hero attempts to refuse the adventure because they are afraid.


Everyone may have their doubts when choosing to take an adventure. As college students we face troubles such as financial trouble, the lack of help or encouragement, and sometimes even the motivation to get going. Blair’s step shares with us the symbolism that can get in the way of our path to starting out, showing the snakes circling the gold that we need to keep going, but fear not as our friends the weasels are here to show us the way of overcoming our turmoil.

Step 4: Meeting with the Mentor – The hero encounters someone who can give them advice and ready them for the journey ahead.


Every journey isn’t complete without a mentor, the one that gives us the knowledge that we utilize on our way. The apple trees are always ripe for the picking, so do not hesitate to fill your need for knowledge in the times that you need it most. Your mentors are the Heroes along the journey as well that have seen those taken the journey many a time, so they will have all the information that you will need.

Isaiah – Step 5: Crossing the First Threshold – The hero leaves their ordinary world for the first time and crosses the threshold into adventure.


After making our way on our adventure, we cross into the first threshold. We are far deep into what we have begun and now we will boldly follow our steps of our story to the end. Isaiah has sprouted a tree rooted to a room full of the information of what types of tasks other’s will be at hand and ways we can look into those tasks. The threshold sprouts much needed information as we take our journey.

Christeal – Step 6: Tests, Allies, Enemies – The hero learns the rules of their new world. During this time, they endure tests of strength of will, meets friends, and comes face to face with foes.


Along the way we are met with our greatest of allies and enemies, all in the midst of tests that challenge us. Our allies are shown as our wildlife along The Hero’s Journey. Here shown is Christeal’s allies that will be helping us along the way. The orca’s show us how we must test our ways with our ecosystem and to be sure that we are never our own enemies when it comes to protecting our environments.

Step 7: Approach – Setbacks occur, sometimes causing the hero to try a new approach or adopt new ideas.


Everyday we have ways to approaching different tasks. This shows us that we must always take different ways towards adapting to what is at hand. There is never any pond too shallow or ocean too deep for us to surpass as we make our way as heroes.

Nick – Step 8: Ordeal – The hero experiences a major hurdle or obstacle, such as a life or death crisis.


As heroes, we all have the time of facing our greatest of challenges. Here we are brought to the cave that Nick has devised to represent what we will face as our ordeal. We are challenged to make it through the cave with our tested knowledge to find our way to the end. Choose your directions wisely.

Donald – Step 9: Reward – After surviving death, the hero earns their reward or accomplishes their goal.


As we make it out of the ordeal, we are pleased with our reward. The reward could mean so much to us as heroes and what we receive as a reward could just be the start of something new along our adventures. With this reward we are truly aware of what we have done to accomplish what we have gained.

Step 10: The Road Back – The hero begins their journey back to their ordinary life.


Now that we have faced many challenges on our journey, we are own our way back home. The trails loop back around and we come back with new understandings that we did not have before. We feel recharged and we can see a new light guiding our way.

James and Patrick – Step 11: Resurrection Hero – The hero faces a final test where everything is at stake and they must use everything they has learned.


After a long journey, you as a hero feel recharged and have the need to look towards the future. James and Patrick have developed a center that gives new sparks of insight to us as heroes knowing we will someday continue on to a new journey. The center will be a symbol of research of information we can acquire as plan for our future.

Jack – Step 12: Return with Elixir – The hero brings their knowledge or the “elixir” back to the ordinary world, where they apply it to help all who remain there.


Now you have finished your first journey and you return with the elixir you have acquired on your journey. Here we come to share our stories of our adventures and the progress we have made along the journey. The elixir holds the secrets that we have as heroes and we pass along our stories to reflect out to our future heroes.


The Hero’s Journey Virtual Experience

In this assignment for Digital Storytelling class, we were to dive into Second Life and gather information that we could use in our Hero’s Journey. With Step 12 as my major focus in adding to our virtual space, I decided to go with the next form of our virtual galleries. The gallery is a big part of Step 12 as it is a showcase towards the works that we, as students, have done while learning about the virtual world and our presence in it.

Here is my mood board highlighting ideas of what could be used for the galleries.

gallery mood board

For inspiration in Second Life, we were to go to areas with specific purposes and roles that they are centered around. A lot of these were to help us brainstorm ideas for our own interpretations. With these spaces, they would really help us as we plan our digital stories.

Here is my list of places I’ve visited in Second Life.

Educational – How to (like how to build in Second Life) and a subject (like history) and a virtual campus
Ivory Tower Library of Primitives

The location of Ivory Tower Library was an amazing sim set up with an upward spiraling library full of information. The design of the library started from the entrance where you head left and start with the simpler tasks of building prims in Second Life, then as you go further you take the staircase up and the tutorials become more advanced. The way that the library was set up was absolutely effective.

Rockcliffe University Consortium

The Rockcliffe University Consortium is a place to learn different methods of nonprofit and gain free coding. The space was very pristine and had a beautiful design to it. The area was professionally displayed and was full of information that you would like to learn.

Retail – Fashion and Home / Garden
Serenity Style, Shutter Field – home and garden decor

This retail area was beautifully set up and fit themes together to get that feeling of a real life location. The displays were informative and had examples of what the retail was selling. I really enjoyed visiting the area, it definitely gave me some ideas in case I were to have my own area to sell objects in Second Life.

Art – Visual
The Vordun Museum and Gallery

Perhaps my favorite out of the places I visited. The Vordun Museum and Gallery is a prime example of running museums or galleries in Second Life, it displayed actual works of art and features other works by featured artists that contributed to the museum. The museum even had a gift shop that you could purchase unique items in Second Life.

Performance – Theater, Poetry, or Music
Lollygagger Lane

Lollygagger Lane was like taking a stroll down a real life rural crust punk utopia. This sim was filled with make-shift stages for Second Life performers that want to express their talents virtually. The space is a masterpiece compiled of rust, metal, and dirt pathways to make it feel like you’re traveling down alleyways meant for artists.

Role-Playing or Gaming
Dragon Nest, Boardgame Beach

The Dragon Nest’s Boardgame Beach is a sim featuring virtual games that you can play to pass time or even compete for. The area is a beautiful beach set up with a boardwalk feel filled with game board tables. The games feature favorites like chess and checkers. This sim gives great inspiration with adding gaming engagement elements in Second Life.

Real Life Location
Amazon Rainforest Ecological Group

Teleporting to the Amazon, you will see beautiful rivers and animals tucked away in the jungle. This sim of the real life Amazon features tons of information to learn about the Amazon. To add real life objects, like how this sim has, really shows the importance of storytelling in virtual space.

The Hero’s Journey Video

For my finals for this quarter, I have done the video project for The Hero’s Journey. This video gives us the experience to view the journey as if we were taking part in it. This video was made possible by everyone that is a part of the Digital Storytelling courses and 3D Design, all work done by them has been very appreciated. Great job everyone!

The Hero’s Journey New Student Orientation Digital Storytelling and 3D Design Interactive Project is an ongoing, persistent engagement experience to inform and inspire new students to attend Peninsula College on campus and online.

Digital Storytelling students design, build, and institute components of The Hero’s Journey. The continual goal of the project is to build an innovative marketing space and introduction to the college through an adventure filled with information, helpful resources, encouragement, and inclusive experiences.

Peninsula College 2017 Media 196 – Intro to 3D Design Class

Joseph Beeson
Cory Castillon
Jack Cote
Mariah Dillard
Isaac Fink
Cindy Guoan
James Iredale
Christeal Milburn
Nicholas Rehler
Naoko Scott
Bryan Smith
Professor Renne Emiko Brock

Special Thanks to all the Peninsula College Digital Storytelling Heroes

Edited by Jack Cote

Copyright 2017 by Peninsula College Media Communications Students and Renne Emiko Brock. All rights reserved.

“Galway”, “Fiddles McGinty”, and “Achaidh Cheide”
by  Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

My Virtual Presence

Coming back into class with this Winter Quarter, I’ll be working more into the virtual world here online. Continuing from my other classes and the work of Second Life, I’ll be focusing more time in it’s virtual space with sharing my content and meeting with classmates. With how powerful Second Life has become in the years, I am very excited with getting more involved in how it’s implemented with our online presence.


Second Life Profile:

My account is jackcote86 on Second Life and if you happen to see me anywhere else in Second Life sims, my username is JACKXCOTE.


I hope to learn to work with 3D Modeling so I can experience design objects that could be used all over the virtual world and have fun crafting items for avatars. My first start will be working with designing tee shirts and work from there once I learn more on how designing works.

Second Life will be inspirational within my classes in many forms. We will incorporate our work spaces with virtual galleries, sandbox sessions, as well as field trips to amazing locations within the virtual world. It will definitely be adventurous!

Here is a screen shot of one of my classes in session of discovering our class room location in Second Life.

MEDIA196: Intro to 3D Design. Location by Zinnia Zauber (Renne Emiko Brock).                   – All Rights Reserved –

Along with my MEDIA196 course, I am also taking MEDIA115 – Intro to Digital Video. This course we will have a Youtube account where we will be uploading our content. This account will show my progress in possibly both courses, primarily my Intro to Digital Video course.

Here is that account.

– All images used by Jack Cote © All Rights Reserved