Making Avatars


I made this avatar with the (Links to an external site.) avatar generator. It was lots of fun to make the avatar from the Lego Movie website, it had good choices for what you can choose from to customize your avatars look and the designs were kept simple towards how Legos are. The representation of my avatar is close to how I normally look, including the glasses, hair style and color, and even with the clothes that I often wear. The choice of accessories seemed a little limited but had great hats that were comical and would make great for those with a sense of humor. I chose to go with the camera option in the accessories since it goes with what I love and fits towards my work with photography and picture taking. The only downside towards it was that you couldn’t change its color, but I still used it on my avatar. Creating avatars has always been a fun experience for me and using this generator with Legos was exactly what I have been used to when customizing avatars online. As a Lego fan, I really enjoyed using the app and it was effective enough to be used to make an avatar that could suit your personality.


Angles and Influence Video Project

For my Angles and Influence Video Project I decided to do my video with Legos. I modeled some of my Legos in a way to tell the story of a photographer minifigure. It shows many different perspectives and angles that would show the views of the photographer and the actions taken by the photographer.

Here is my script and story board for the process of putting the video together.



Here is the video on Youtube.