Immersive Engagement Perspective and Virtual Spaces

While going through Multimedia Communications my whole two years thus far in college, I feel like I am swimming in a digital sea and the experience is outstanding. I knew little of the world of VR space and Immersive Engagement before attending college, but before hand while watching documentaries and reading articles on the whole notion, I understood that it would only grow larger from there.

  • Digital Sea by Thrice – Via Vagrant Records on Youtube

Becoming Immersive in all that we have learned throughout the courses that I’ve taken, it truly seems amazing to know that anyone is possible to take part in the evolution of virtual space and reality. When we take time away from the real world and jump into virtual space, we have the time to take ease from the stress of reality and we have the chance to look at everything in a different light. This really helps the process in which we learn and how we can interact in several different ways that we wouldn’t even begin to think as helpful.

Watching LOGIN2LIFE gave me that familiar feeling of every time that our classes go into Second Life to work on a project collectively.  Joining in social activities online has made things easier to excel in different types of projects and sharing of information. With this type of practice, we learn to communicate effectively in a way that helps with our progress.

Day 1 of Second Life_001

As we create objects, media, or other means of work that takes time, we also consider the means of how we can earn money through our efforts. We learn that we can sell our service, monetize our content, and even establish our brands virtually and in reality. This can be taken in consideration in wide-rangers, from gaming, 3D Design, and even selling your content in virtual markets.

Concerning relations, that is also covered in the LOGIN2LIFE video, VR has gone to levels that have really evolved as well that concerns connecting with others. Once seeing the segments featured in this video instantly reminded me of a video that Vice had done. This video features the marketing of communication and use of VR video in the newly rapid growing love industry. Be warned that this video as well has adult content, be advised.

  • The Digital Love Industry via Vice on Youtube

The medical field has also been demanding in the works of virtual reality. Procedures and people seeking aid to help with disabilities or medical need are changing with the times as well. We must follow in the flow of how we can learn to educate ourselves in the newly developing digital era, making the impossible possible. The link below will provide examples of how virtual reality helps those with disabilities.
Affordable Virtual Reality Opens New Worlds For People With Disabilities

All in all, the rise of virtual reality is coming faster than ever. Just like swimming, we can learn how to adapt to these new developments in life. In our education, we are still crafting the world around, but also we are crafting the digital world. It’s never too late to take a plunge into the digital sea.


Movies as Propaganda

Films tell stories and have messages to spread. In this essay we focus on the topic of propaganda. With the idea of a movie spreading propaganda, the first movie that came to mind was the documentary, Super Size Me. The main focus of this wide spread film on the controversy of fast food and how it affects people, it gained a mainstream spot light among film viewers. It is based on simulated real time affects of eating fast food in a non-moderated style that could be seen as a risk to the health of those that chose to eat that way. I think that it proves effective towards the way of telling people that it can be damaging to eat this way without proper exercise and a better diet, but I also see it as a reverse marketing ploy that highlights towards McDonald’s being the primary food corporation at fault. I’d say it would have been better if all other types of fast foods were also factors as well and also highlight the fact that others do have the choice to exercise to balance the means of eating mainly fast food in conjunction towards the eating habit.

Healthcare, Wellness, and Access in Virtual Environments

With the growing rate of virtual communities and growth in technological connections that our world is developing, we are taking one of the most important things of consideration that we as humans need the most in advancements towards, healthcare and wellness. With the power of the internet and technology, we are giving better chances in hope for those who need attention the most. Virtual space has continually grown with support for companies and organizations to help those in desperate times.

One great example that I have found is a group with a down to the point name for their organization, Virtual Doctors. With the aid of new technology and multimedia advancements, they use these as tools to help war torn areas of Africa to survive after the damages the countries face. This is an amazing effort to give care to those that are far away, which all of us once believed would have been impossible years ago.

With technology being taken to new heights, we are seeing that nothing has to stay impossible.

Here is the Youtube video about the organization Virtual Doctors.