Importance of Digital Storytelling

In the growth of social media marketing, we must know the importance that digital storytelling plays within social media. Everyday now, as we browse the web from home on our desktops, with out tablets or phones while waiting for time to pass, or even now on our smart TVs that some of us might have, there are several ways that we engage with digital storytelling. Every word we see on websites, every video we watch online from video hosting services, and all the funny image macros or important posts that could be found on blogs or social media sites, these are all forms of digital storytelling and it’s amazing to see how much content is out there.

Internet video content has become as popular as television now these days. With sites like Youtube and Vimeo constantly growing with content, people utilize these sites to share their content for various ways. I’ve been enjoying great channels on Youtube lately that share amazing stories, all made from people with the talent to tell stories for their video hosting channel. One of these channels I’d like to share is called Snarled, a Youtube channel that hosts stories and lists about scary stories, scenarios, and information that we learn from the host that has chosen to take the time to cover the topic. Here is an example from Snarled.

Snarled – All Rights Reserved

When we seek through the internet for news or we see feeds on social networking sites, we think of this as almost a daily task, but this as well is a form of digital storytelling. Local news or major news, we still turn to these articles to get information and read into what is going on around us. This type of digital storytelling helps us keep connected and helps us keep up with current events. One site that I always use as a great standby for local news is always Peninsula Daily News’ website.

Another great and interesting aspect towards digital storytelling, is websites that have ways of sharing images, videos, posts, and other content directly onto the site from outside sources while trailing back to the original content. Reddit has been a great site that covers practically everything. Sub-Reddits are pages that belong to certain topics. Lots of great stories and lots of interesting stories come from different Sub-Reddits. Feel free to explore Reddit and see if you can find some great digital stories that you can relate to.

These examples are some great mainstream examples of how digital storytelling has evolved through the times of utilizing the internet. Things as simple as advertisements help companies grow from telling their story as an ad, photographers post their images that in themselves could tell stories, and blogs easily represent online journals. So the importance of digital storytelling is major for use to let others know what is going on and help us tell our own stories. In social media marketing, our stories are our products, so as far as we can share our story, someone is bound to be interested in our product.


Adversity Video Project

Here is the assignment for an interview video project for Media215. The theme is overcoming adversity and telling the story through an interview. With this interview, I interviewed my girlfriend, Tricia about her overcoming adversity and what got her to where she is today at Peninsula College.




The Hero’s Journey Project Presentation

For our final project presentation in our Digital Storytelling course, we came up with the idea to make an eMagazine to present The Hero’s Journey. This eMagazine features information for on the journey and features the 12 steps of The Hero’s Journey. Here are my submissions for the project.

I hope this project will show future students the means of different paths in Marketing and that there are several ways to express our content. Keeping The Hero’s Journey as a prime example for the Multimedia Communications program, we must keep our creative processes original and exciting. This eMagazine is a great foundation that I hope will be continued as a legacy of work for The Hero’s Journey.


Step 12: Return with Elixir

You are now the hero you wanted to become. You have made it through the journey and return with the knowledge that you learned along the way.

Those you have returned to want to know your story. Now is the time to share your experiences.

As a student you have gathered all you have learned. You now highlight a showcase of your work, experiences, and expertise. These examples show what has been effective for you and will help show future students that they too can become a hero. Congratulations Superhero, you have made it through an extravagant journey!



Download of our classes full eMagazine:

Made by Nick Rehler

Marketing The Hero’s Journey

This blog’s focus is on the best ways of marketing The Hero’s Journey and ways that we have implemented the process of marketing the project from previous classes. The Hero’s Journey has long since been a solid example of incorporating Peninsula College into the virtual world. The market space of the virtual world is a growing process that has future investments that will continue to grow with major progress evolution.

With everything that has been incorporated into The Hero’s Journey in Second Life has become outstanding components to feature as symbols that we use to understand the process of being a student. The objects created could be 3D printed to represent as real life examples of what we learn in the development of The Hero’s Journey. Also we have planned on creating a real life scavenger hunt to simulate The Hero’s Journey to give the feel to new students and those that are wanting to be informed with the process of becoming a student at Peninsula College, when the scavenger hunt is completed, the participants would get a Hero’s Journey key chain.

Another form of marketing we are considering for The Hero’s Journey is what we will be doing for our final project for our course. Will be be doing a eMagazing that will presenting the works of our project in the form of a digital magazine that anyone can view to see how The Hero’s Journey helps with Peninsula College. These forms of marketing are all effective towards any marketing methods to help boost the word of The Hero’s Journey.

Immersive Engagement Perspective and Virtual Spaces

While going through Multimedia Communications my whole two years thus far in college, I feel like I am swimming in a digital sea and the experience is outstanding. I knew little of the world of VR space and Immersive Engagement before attending college, but before hand while watching documentaries and reading articles on the whole notion, I understood that it would only grow larger from there.

  • Digital Sea by Thrice – Via Vagrant Records on Youtube

Becoming Immersive in all that we have learned throughout the courses that I’ve taken, it truly seems amazing to know that anyone is possible to take part in the evolution of virtual space and reality. When we take time away from the real world and jump into virtual space, we have the time to take ease from the stress of reality and we have the chance to look at everything in a different light. This really helps the process in which we learn and how we can interact in several different ways that we wouldn’t even begin to think as helpful.

Watching LOGIN2LIFE gave me that familiar feeling of every time that our classes go into Second Life to work on a project collectively.  Joining in social activities online has made things easier to excel in different types of projects and sharing of information. With this type of practice, we learn to communicate effectively in a way that helps with our progress.

Day 1 of Second Life_001

As we create objects, media, or other means of work that takes time, we also consider the means of how we can earn money through our efforts. We learn that we can sell our service, monetize our content, and even establish our brands virtually and in reality. This can be taken in consideration in wide-rangers, from gaming, 3D Design, and even selling your content in virtual markets.

Concerning relations, that is also covered in the LOGIN2LIFE video, VR has gone to levels that have really evolved as well that concerns connecting with others. Once seeing the segments featured in this video instantly reminded me of a video that Vice had done. This video features the marketing of communication and use of VR video in the newly rapid growing love industry. Be warned that this video as well has adult content, be advised.

  • The Digital Love Industry via Vice on Youtube

The medical field has also been demanding in the works of virtual reality. Procedures and people seeking aid to help with disabilities or medical need are changing with the times as well. We must follow in the flow of how we can learn to educate ourselves in the newly developing digital era, making the impossible possible. The link below will provide examples of how virtual reality helps those with disabilities.
Affordable Virtual Reality Opens New Worlds For People With Disabilities

All in all, the rise of virtual reality is coming faster than ever. Just like swimming, we can learn how to adapt to these new developments in life. In our education, we are still crafting the world around, but also we are crafting the digital world. It’s never too late to take a plunge into the digital sea.

Presenting My Step in The Hero’s Journey

While working on Step 12 in our classes sim in Second Life, I’ve been adding more towards what I have thought up for it. The banners are all present and have the coordinating colors towards the journey. So far with sharing my step, I am glad to share my experience in the process of what it is like to add to the step. Though there are still adjustments to be made, the step is looking amazing and I hope those that have seen it think so too.

This step is meant to be the last step and will be featuring work from all other classmates; past, present, and future. As others participate in the journey, they will always have the chance to be presented with my step and feel like they have become that hero that the journey in their own way. I am happy to help contribute and share this step with everyone and experience the interpretation of the step.

Storyscaping – a side quest

I always imagine what kind of simulation I would run in virtual space. I have made attempts to run my own groups in Facebook, but they were never as successful as my groups I managed in the earlier years in Myspace. Now with the growth of social networking and digital business and marketing, things are definitely different stages now with larger frames to fill in the aspects of creativity and communication. As I ponder on these things, I just know that music will always be my standby and I will never let down that favorable interest of mine.

My side quest would be taking music on the internet to whole completely different levels, especially with the works that virtual spaces like Second Life has to offer. Of course there’s sites that you can host your music, places to share it like Facebook and twitter, and perhaps even post your own album artwork and designs on sites like Instagram or Pinterest, but I see things in a way that could put all of such media through these sites into Second Life as a sort of music store/promotion museum.

I put myself in the shoes of a person that would want to visit my own creation first. I think to myself “What would I want to see here? What would make me think ‘Wow!’?”. This space to me would be a place that could be a full market that could lead someone to want to buy some music that they would enjoy and also want to inspire other artists and musicians to come along and participate in showcasing their work. To me this space would cover all the aspects of telling the stories of the music that would be presented there. Here, the space would be an absolute haven to the musical world in digital space.

My side quest would be a craft of passion in my interests of music and as well as the love of music that everyone shares as well. Artists and musicians can come and represent themselves as well as market their sound. With these kinds of interactions, we can discover, contribute, promote, collaborate, create, and become collective. This side quest will lead to a whole new fully managed quest in it’s own to help the growth of online music interaction.

While putting the 5 stages of creating a Story System into consideration with this side quest, the ideas came natural with the aspect of how universal music can be to everyone. These stages are truly vital to guide the way in the process of making this project. Here are those 5 stages and how they will work with the side quest.

1. Cast

The cast is important here as anyone can be the cast in this project. Newcomers are always welcome, be it music admirers, musicians, or even just people looking for something new. I personally see myself as all these roles, but also as the “music store owner”, I want to keep the circulation flowing and the music love as loud as possible. Visually and soundly, the side quest is full of characters in every way shape and form, as long as there is the love of music being kept alive.

2. Score

Music contends on all levels, with how powerful as a tool that the internet is, music can spread like wild fire. Artists and musicians can truly promote their work to the full extent while connecting all and any links that relate to their creativity in this space. All forms of media would be expected, music videos, links to online music purchases, rare material, and even their own merchandise both in real world and Second Life.

3. Tag

Tagging has become a social media must-do technique while spreading information. The mapping of media and information found here would defined into every aspect that music is shaped from. Making sure people are well informed is truly important in this process, we would feature the importance of genres, labels, instruments/methods, bands/artists, and even venues. Tagging these trends will give guidance to new paths to everyone that will be experiencing the project.

4. Inspire

Music is all around inspirational, so for this project, inspiration comes in all levels. Artists and Musician can inspire each other by sound, but also for those that want to become musicians or artists as well. Even just sharing music can inspire the listeners to all of their own personal interests also.

5. Optimize

Optimizing this project would indeed be a major commitment, but once it is in full effect, this project would become something meaningful to all those interested and participating. This space will be optimized visually and interactively with limitless bounds that can only have room to further it’s development. As music as the center of interest, this project would be a space that would be heard through out all of Second Life.

With this side quest circulating in my thoughts, I am definitely imagining it coming to life. I want to see things shared, connections coming together, music being made, and creativity to flourish. The thoughts of springing this project into action is a definite possibility, it sounds too good to let fade out.