Press Release and Events

With the works of Press Release and Events, I often see many posts throughout social media about different events and offerings happening particularly with local small businesses, local independent businesses, independent bands, and artists. Press Release and events have been helpful with giving and receiving information with products, service, and developmental phases from those that are posting on the topics. I see postings for a variety of events for local businesses and groups and usually follow with great turn outs with their events with people going to participate. Even larger events make their notice to me from pages that I follow from places like Seattle or even neighboring states where events are being held.

In my experiences with Press Releases and Events, I’ve participated in music releases where my music had been featured, which helps the spread prior to the music being made available online for people to listen to, so the anticipation builds well to gain great reception and plenty of listeners. When preparing for press release and events, there is always a great amount of planning before sharing the topic online, which sometimes can either be the most fun of the experience or the tedious side of it, so be sure that planning ahead is put into consideration.


Engagement and Press Release

Hello everyone. With my work in photography, I am still planning ways on how to design around my branding. I am trying to think of ways of how to design my watermark to use on my photos and would really enjoy some feedback on it. Recent designs I have used are these ones.

jack cote photography


The feedback I’m looking for is something that could probably help me design the concept of using both of these elements I’ve used before. Any feedback is welcome.

Social Media and Storytelling Videos

As effective as Social Media works with our Storytelling videos, I haven’t really gone past the point of sharing my videos throughout social media, I more so have just focused them within school work in itself since most interaction with my social media is personal and related to other projects. Though my interactions with social media and class work are somewhat separated, some of my work is kind of done in reverse where my independent projects influenced my work with class projects, such as studying on video layers while working with my music video that involved my own music project, or even the use of older work with video and 3D design in courses I’ve done before. This is just a short step I’ve taken to keep my skills with what I’ve learned, in the future I do plan to actually share my stories through social media if the projects fit towards the synergy.

Here are some links to the videos I worked on while practicing editing with videos. They are on my facebook and are pretty short, but are still really cool with how they turned out. The videos are work with 3D design use with Photoshop, and another video that I’ve done to test video layering with Photoshop that you have seen utilized in my original story project.

Storyscaping – a side quest

I always imagine what kind of simulation I would run in virtual space. I have made attempts to run my own groups in Facebook, but they were never as successful as my groups I managed in the earlier years in Myspace. Now with the growth of social networking and digital business and marketing, things are definitely different stages now with larger frames to fill in the aspects of creativity and communication. As I ponder on these things, I just know that music will always be my standby and I will never let down that favorable interest of mine.

My side quest would be taking music on the internet to whole completely different levels, especially with the works that virtual spaces like Second Life has to offer. Of course there’s sites that you can host your music, places to share it like Facebook and twitter, and perhaps even post your own album artwork and designs on sites like Instagram or Pinterest, but I see things in a way that could put all of such media through these sites into Second Life as a sort of music store/promotion museum.

I put myself in the shoes of a person that would want to visit my own creation first. I think to myself “What would I want to see here? What would make me think ‘Wow!’?”. This space to me would be a place that could be a full market that could lead someone to want to buy some music that they would enjoy and also want to inspire other artists and musicians to come along and participate in showcasing their work. To me this space would cover all the aspects of telling the stories of the music that would be presented there. Here, the space would be an absolute haven to the musical world in digital space.

My side quest would be a craft of passion in my interests of music and as well as the love of music that everyone shares as well. Artists and musicians can come and represent themselves as well as market their sound. With these kinds of interactions, we can discover, contribute, promote, collaborate, create, and become collective. This side quest will lead to a whole new fully managed quest in it’s own to help the growth of online music interaction.

While putting the 5 stages of creating a Story System into consideration with this side quest, the ideas came natural with the aspect of how universal music can be to everyone. These stages are truly vital to guide the way in the process of making this project. Here are those 5 stages and how they will work with the side quest.

1. Cast

The cast is important here as anyone can be the cast in this project. Newcomers are always welcome, be it music admirers, musicians, or even just people looking for something new. I personally see myself as all these roles, but also as the “music store owner”, I want to keep the circulation flowing and the music love as loud as possible. Visually and soundly, the side quest is full of characters in every way shape and form, as long as there is the love of music being kept alive.

2. Score

Music contends on all levels, with how powerful as a tool that the internet is, music can spread like wild fire. Artists and musicians can truly promote their work to the full extent while connecting all and any links that relate to their creativity in this space. All forms of media would be expected, music videos, links to online music purchases, rare material, and even their own merchandise both in real world and Second Life.

3. Tag

Tagging has become a social media must-do technique while spreading information. The mapping of media and information found here would defined into every aspect that music is shaped from. Making sure people are well informed is truly important in this process, we would feature the importance of genres, labels, instruments/methods, bands/artists, and even venues. Tagging these trends will give guidance to new paths to everyone that will be experiencing the project.

4. Inspire

Music is all around inspirational, so for this project, inspiration comes in all levels. Artists and Musician can inspire each other by sound, but also for those that want to become musicians or artists as well. Even just sharing music can inspire the listeners to all of their own personal interests also.

5. Optimize

Optimizing this project would indeed be a major commitment, but once it is in full effect, this project would become something meaningful to all those interested and participating. This space will be optimized visually and interactively with limitless bounds that can only have room to further it’s development. As music as the center of interest, this project would be a space that would be heard through out all of Second Life.

With this side quest circulating in my thoughts, I am definitely imagining it coming to life. I want to see things shared, connections coming together, music being made, and creativity to flourish. The thoughts of springing this project into action is a definite possibility, it sounds too good to let fade out.

The Hero’s Journey Virtual Experience

In this assignment for Digital Storytelling class, we were to dive into Second Life and gather information that we could use in our Hero’s Journey. With Step 12 as my major focus in adding to our virtual space, I decided to go with the next form of our virtual galleries. The gallery is a big part of Step 12 as it is a showcase towards the works that we, as students, have done while learning about the virtual world and our presence in it.

Here is my mood board highlighting ideas of what could be used for the galleries.

gallery mood board

For inspiration in Second Life, we were to go to areas with specific purposes and roles that they are centered around. A lot of these were to help us brainstorm ideas for our own interpretations. With these spaces, they would really help us as we plan our digital stories.

Here is my list of places I’ve visited in Second Life.

Educational – How to (like how to build in Second Life) and a subject (like history) and a virtual campus
Ivory Tower Library of Primitives

The location of Ivory Tower Library was an amazing sim set up with an upward spiraling library full of information. The design of the library started from the entrance where you head left and start with the simpler tasks of building prims in Second Life, then as you go further you take the staircase up and the tutorials become more advanced. The way that the library was set up was absolutely effective.

Rockcliffe University Consortium

The Rockcliffe University Consortium is a place to learn different methods of nonprofit and gain free coding. The space was very pristine and had a beautiful design to it. The area was professionally displayed and was full of information that you would like to learn.

Retail – Fashion and Home / Garden
Serenity Style, Shutter Field – home and garden decor

This retail area was beautifully set up and fit themes together to get that feeling of a real life location. The displays were informative and had examples of what the retail was selling. I really enjoyed visiting the area, it definitely gave me some ideas in case I were to have my own area to sell objects in Second Life.

Art – Visual
The Vordun Museum and Gallery

Perhaps my favorite out of the places I visited. The Vordun Museum and Gallery is a prime example of running museums or galleries in Second Life, it displayed actual works of art and features other works by featured artists that contributed to the museum. The museum even had a gift shop that you could purchase unique items in Second Life.

Performance – Theater, Poetry, or Music
Lollygagger Lane

Lollygagger Lane was like taking a stroll down a real life rural crust punk utopia. This sim was filled with make-shift stages for Second Life performers that want to express their talents virtually. The space is a masterpiece compiled of rust, metal, and dirt pathways to make it feel like you’re traveling down alleyways meant for artists.

Role-Playing or Gaming
Dragon Nest, Boardgame Beach

The Dragon Nest’s Boardgame Beach is a sim featuring virtual games that you can play to pass time or even compete for. The area is a beautiful beach set up with a boardwalk feel filled with game board tables. The games feature favorites like chess and checkers. This sim gives great inspiration with adding gaming engagement elements in Second Life.

Real Life Location
Amazon Rainforest Ecological Group

Teleporting to the Amazon, you will see beautiful rivers and animals tucked away in the jungle. This sim of the real life Amazon features tons of information to learn about the Amazon. To add real life objects, like how this sim has, really shows the importance of storytelling in virtual space.

Documentary Video Proposal

For our Documentary video, my team will be documenting the Olympic Medical Center Volunteer program in both Port Angeles and Sequim. Our main focus will show the functions of the major organizations, such as the Information Desk, Cancer Center Support, and Gift Shop. The video will be a major example that informs the community of the importance that the volunteer program plays as a part of medical aid on the Olympic Peninsula.

Our Shape Re-cap and 3D Printing.

At the beginning of our course in Intro to 3D Design, we thought of what shapes that would define us. I chose a sphere because it is an object that is infinite on all sides and is seen as an object that can be shaped from. I still believe that I represent that object, but in addition I believe that I take part in all of it’s process of how it can be used through creativity.

I imagine this object being displayed as a sphere with pieces being broken off or chiseled away in the process of creating something. I would love to see something like that 3D Printed. The object would be a printed printed sculpture that could be hand held, or even statue sized.