Fun, Play, and Social Networking for Video Projects

With my video projects that I’m participating in, my groups will feature different types of topics but will also have their own variations of how we could view as fun or play. With the Sequim Irrigation Festival video from prior recording, we certainly had a blast with the events and highlighting what the festival had to offer. With the Botanical Garden video, we will capture some fun facts of what is and will be planted and what others can do to help have the garden Flourish. For my music video project, I hope for us to have fun mostly with our creative side and play with the different types of visual messages we can come up with to accompany the meaning behind the video.

Social Networking within media works on so many different levels and there is always room for sharing this videos on multiple platforms, be it promotion or even to show our skills in video production. The two Sequim videos will be excellent for promotional use and will be great to inform those on the Olympic Peninsula about these programs and events. My music video will be a great way for Cory and I to show our artistic side and will help promote our talents to other music lovers and music video enthusiasts.


Effectiveness in Fiction

For this week’s essay in Media215, we are asked how fiction is used to teach us and why it is very effect for us when we follow stories to impact our lives. For years we have followed several forms of media that have given use guidance or inspiration. Paper media, visual media, and even audio media are developed both by (or even together) through fiction and non-fiction, but fiction has no bounds to what can be imagined.

Fiction is broad and can speak to us in many ways. I believe that fiction can give the possibilities towards what could happen beforehand, what is happening, or what could happen for the future. Focal points such as characters or settings can be relate-able  to our lives if we put ourselves in the perspectives of the fiction. As immersive and engaging that fiction tends to be, we can pick and collect pieces to what we feel we know is a part of us.

One great example of this is often fitted towards video games for me. With titles such as The Sims, Skyrim, or even Minecraft give us the feeling to put ourselves into the stories and act out the stories in a way that we can interpret the different meanings of quests or missions as our personal growth or a way to test our creativity. Through fiction we can build our own stories or find our paths through the challenges of our reality.

Branding & Transmedia

For this week’s essay in Media215, we put our thoughts towards how branding is important in transmedia and marketing. Storytelling can work on so many levels that when we look at how marketing works, we see that branding can go beyond the limits of just trying to push products on the fans of major franchises and everlasting trademarks of trends we grew up to love. With names we know in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy worlds of interests, we know that some major names stand out as prime examples; such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones (just to name a few) there are countless means of how these series are marketed past their means of theater.

Though most major names as such have either started off by either by book, film series, or television series, we also can be come immersed into the world of these names by means of merchandise like video games, soundtrack releases, apparel, collectibles, and many fan favorites; toys. As branding is key in spreading an extra push to our favorable interests, we can truly show our appreciation for what captivates us and these extra pushes keeps circulation of what we love if the marketing methods prove effective. So when you make it big as a producer, director, or even a writer, just remember that swag always keeps people coming back for more, even if its something as simple as a scarf (…Doctor Who 🙂)

My Type of Storytelling

I’m back to a new quarter for college and back to using my WordPress blog. To start things off, my first assignment is for my Digital Video Projects course and the topic is on what kind of story teller I would like to be. This topic also ranges towards other forms of expression and creativity, so this topic could also influences my themes of art, writing, and especially for this course, video projects.

We were asked which kind of storytelling we would like to consider to tell stories with Cultural, Moral, Mystery, Personal, Family, Apocryphal, and so on. With how I like to produce content, my stylistics vary depending on which kind of project is at hand. I would put into consideration on who this project is for and what video styling I would be working with.

I see myself doing video stories that would mainly be cultural, personal, and family oriented while doing professional work for others. These forms would be perfect to help those that need video projects done for local events, personal events, and even businesses that would be interested for promotion. I can see myself helping others fairly well through video production while others need to get their messages across.

As far as things would go with my own personal creativity, I would love to create abstract forms of visual art and other types of projects that would involve augmented reality and also videos that coincide with other means of artful communication. I typically see these stories themed as mystery and apocryphal, leaving wonder to viewers and possibly leave more room for further development.

Marketing The Hero’s Journey

This blog’s focus is on the best ways of marketing The Hero’s Journey and ways that we have implemented the process of marketing the project from previous classes. The Hero’s Journey has long since been a solid example of incorporating Peninsula College into the virtual world. The market space of the virtual world is a growing process that has future investments that will continue to grow with major progress evolution.

With everything that has been incorporated into The Hero’s Journey in Second Life has become outstanding components to feature as symbols that we use to understand the process of being a student. The objects created could be 3D printed to represent as real life examples of what we learn in the development of The Hero’s Journey. Also we have planned on creating a real life scavenger hunt to simulate The Hero’s Journey to give the feel to new students and those that are wanting to be informed with the process of becoming a student at Peninsula College, when the scavenger hunt is completed, the participants would get a Hero’s Journey key chain.

Another form of marketing we are considering for The Hero’s Journey is what we will be doing for our final project for our course. Will be be doing a eMagazing that will presenting the works of our project in the form of a digital magazine that anyone can view to see how The Hero’s Journey helps with Peninsula College. These forms of marketing are all effective towards any marketing methods to help boost the word of The Hero’s Journey.

Immersive Engagement Perspective and Virtual Spaces

While going through Multimedia Communications my whole two years thus far in college, I feel like I am swimming in a digital sea and the experience is outstanding. I knew little of the world of VR space and Immersive Engagement before attending college, but before hand while watching documentaries and reading articles on the whole notion, I understood that it would only grow larger from there.

  • Digital Sea by Thrice – Via Vagrant Records on Youtube

Becoming Immersive in all that we have learned throughout the courses that I’ve taken, it truly seems amazing to know that anyone is possible to take part in the evolution of virtual space and reality. When we take time away from the real world and jump into virtual space, we have the time to take ease from the stress of reality and we have the chance to look at everything in a different light. This really helps the process in which we learn and how we can interact in several different ways that we wouldn’t even begin to think as helpful.

Watching LOGIN2LIFE gave me that familiar feeling of every time that our classes go into Second Life to work on a project collectively.  Joining in social activities online has made things easier to excel in different types of projects and sharing of information. With this type of practice, we learn to communicate effectively in a way that helps with our progress.

Day 1 of Second Life_001

As we create objects, media, or other means of work that takes time, we also consider the means of how we can earn money through our efforts. We learn that we can sell our service, monetize our content, and even establish our brands virtually and in reality. This can be taken in consideration in wide-rangers, from gaming, 3D Design, and even selling your content in virtual markets.

Concerning relations, that is also covered in the LOGIN2LIFE video, VR has gone to levels that have really evolved as well that concerns connecting with others. Once seeing the segments featured in this video instantly reminded me of a video that Vice had done. This video features the marketing of communication and use of VR video in the newly rapid growing love industry. Be warned that this video as well has adult content, be advised.

  • The Digital Love Industry via Vice on Youtube

The medical field has also been demanding in the works of virtual reality. Procedures and people seeking aid to help with disabilities or medical need are changing with the times as well. We must follow in the flow of how we can learn to educate ourselves in the newly developing digital era, making the impossible possible. The link below will provide examples of how virtual reality helps those with disabilities.
Affordable Virtual Reality Opens New Worlds For People With Disabilities

All in all, the rise of virtual reality is coming faster than ever. Just like swimming, we can learn how to adapt to these new developments in life. In our education, we are still crafting the world around, but also we are crafting the digital world. It’s never too late to take a plunge into the digital sea.

Presenting My Step in The Hero’s Journey

While working on Step 12 in our classes sim in Second Life, I’ve been adding more towards what I have thought up for it. The banners are all present and have the coordinating colors towards the journey. So far with sharing my step, I am glad to share my experience in the process of what it is like to add to the step. Though there are still adjustments to be made, the step is looking amazing and I hope those that have seen it think so too.

This step is meant to be the last step and will be featuring work from all other classmates; past, present, and future. As others participate in the journey, they will always have the chance to be presented with my step and feel like they have become that hero that the journey in their own way. I am happy to help contribute and share this step with everyone and experience the interpretation of the step.

Funding for Films

As a video producer, it is important to be creative, but another important thing to consider if you’re planning to make videos as a career is to figure out different means of funding to further your work. There are several different ways that you can pursue into making sure your video projects and yourself is earning the funding deserved for what you are doing. Working for free can only go so far and most major projects that you do are definitely costly towards the amount of experience you have, so don’t be afraid to set guidelines to selling your service.

One of the major ways that you could be funded is to apply for different types of grants that can be considered depending on what you need the grant for and how you properly apply for the grants. Grants could be in simple amounts that will help for short term service and other grants could be offered based on your experience and the size of the project. Grants are always a great first step while looking into funding.

When you do find a project that someone is offering to be done and they are considering your service, be sure you ask how much they are willing to fund towards what they are expecting to be done for the project. Good ways keep track of people giving prices towards their project, is first find their budget then jot down what is most important to be paid for with your service, include details in a video proposal. Once it is a set deal with both you and the client, be sure to write up a contract that entitles all the agreed work to what will be done during the work progress and the ownership of the content made towards the project.

Be sure to manage your service’s funding and incomes properly while you are working. Be sure to open specific bank accounts that will be strictly for your service and business, this will make balancing the circulation of supplies, equipment, and other necessities while you are working on major projects. Keeping proper management of your funding is essential to your client and reflects who you are professionally.

Snapshots and Video with Immersion

As we create content for immersion and digital storytelling, we must take every aspect of showing our progress into consideration. Just like any other project that could be done in real life or even digitally, people love to see what goes on behind the scenes of what we do. With this in mind, it is always great to take quick snapshots and even video recordings of what we do, it helps give people a more broad of understanding of how and when we crafted our media.

As a fan, myself, when it comes to watching shows, listening to music, and playing various forms of games, I too really enjoy seeing content that is being documented while projects are being developed. I love to see documentaries based on the progress that artists make sometimes with their releases as exclusive content, such as videos and extended artwork with music albums. Exclusive content, spoilers, and samplers keeps audience excited and gives them the feeling of a true fan of their work.

Project – The Hero’s Journey Scavenger Hunt

Thinking ahead into the campus scavenger hunt that The Hero’s Journey will be taking place on campus at Peninsula College, places that will feature my step will be two locations. First will be the Administration building which represents the college alumni, this works with the symbolism of previous heroes from our college. Second will be the Longhouse, featured towards the campfire that we surround at the trail end of our journey, we come here with our elixirs and tell our stories of success as heroes.

With our scavenger hunt, we will be working with our Keys to Success, they will be implemented through augmented reality or QR code while those experiences the journey on campus with the scavenger hunt. My ideas for those keys in relation to the areas associated with my step, I have thought of a few possibilities of which keys could be found. These keys would possibly be Connect, Communicate, Enrich, or Respect.