To Test Creativity
A Jack Cote Creative Perspective

I always sit back and wonder to myself; “Why is the sky the limit when we are meant to reach for the stars?” Sitting idly can become so complacent for the creative minds with nothing in hand or even writers block. Well I think it’s time to put the stars we reach for on the map and blast off! Pushing the limits has certainly been the means of making it in the world today, and there’s no better way to make that happen by connecting one another. My goal is have people see their true talents as I see them through my eyes.

I always see the world as a whole where people are trying to communicate thought and feeling equally in ways that we strive to be understood, in one way or another. I, myself, have always seen creativity as the biggest outlet that seems easily universal, as long as we take the measures to delve into the roots of what is being created. As an all-around artist of many forms, I urge the motion in the importance of what it means to get content out into the world, to serve the purpose of why it seeks out to be seen or heard.

My goals and aspirations aren’t just set in stone with my own personal wealth or gain, but also to help out others with theirs as well. No matter how big or small of the matter, there is still significance in all things, so why not make the best of it all? I love to take in the full spectrum of what creativity has to offer and I hope to help those feel the same or expand the means of those who love creativity as much as I do. The world is ours and our creativity is limitless, let’s go beyond the horizons.


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 Here is a copy of my resume for anyone interested.

Jack Cote’s Resume