Future Social Media Apps and Recommendations

With my knowledge that I gained through Social Media Marketing, I will continue to utilize the social media platforms I use daily toward my work with multimedia, perhaps use them more often with richer content highlighting my services. I’m also considering using new platforms as well to help spread more content online that would possibly gain more attention, the more content the better. Some of these sites and apps that come to mind would be making a more diverse Pinterest, possibly Vimeo to share other forms in video production, and also using Archive.org for offering content that helps get the word out more for other promotional uses, but for free, to give the upper hand of offering content that attracts toward other media. This is just the start for me in social media marketing, all that I have learned will help guide me in the right directions.

For recommending clients to my work, I would easily start off with my Facebook pages that would feature my works and have links towards other projects that I have worked on or will be working on. These other social media networks would be my Instagram; that features most of my favorite works in photography, image editing, digital art, and even my music, Youtube; that features all of my video work in production, recording, and video edition, and my LinkedIn; that gives a more professional, in depth look to my attributes with what I have learned and what I have done in previous work.


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