Press Release and Events

With the works of Press Release and Events, I often see many posts throughout social media about different events and offerings happening particularly with local small businesses, local independent businesses, independent bands, and artists. Press Release and events have been helpful with giving and receiving information with products, service, and developmental phases from those that are posting on the topics. I see postings for a variety of events for local businesses and groups and usually follow with great turn outs with their events with people going to participate. Even larger events make their notice to me from pages that I follow from places like Seattle or even neighboring states where events are being held.

In my experiences with Press Releases and Events, I’ve participated in music releases where my music had been featured, which helps the spread prior to the music being made available online for people to listen to, so the anticipation builds well to gain great reception and plenty of listeners. When preparing for press release and events, there is always a great amount of planning before sharing the topic online, which sometimes can either be the most fun of the experience or the tedious side of it, so be sure that planning ahead is put into consideration.


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