Infographics and Social Media

In social media marketing, it is very important to know what platforms in social media that you and your audience are using. Sure there is a whole world of different social media platforms out there, but it is best to know which sites work best for you and you know how your social media marketing is working with those sites as well. It can be a handful to balance multiple platforms if you’re not used to it, and maybe sometimes you can only post enough to work on a few sites, so it’s good to stick to a few social media sites you are comfortable with at first while going into your marketing.

Here is a good example of popular social media sites on a “cheat sheet” infographic displaying their pros and cons.


Full site with further information:
by Irfan Ahmad Sep 12, 2014 (All Rights Reserved)

For my marketing, I would use 3 sites as my standards for what I would specialize in with photography and video. Instagram would help me display my work and utilize how Instagram highlights stories with tagging photos and video. Facebook has been a powerhouse in new forms of marketing and how businesses can apply their information out to the public, with Facebook I would create pages and advertisements to reach those on the platform. Twitter is still steadily growing in popularity in the social media world and also helps with having posts trend through tagging and popular topics. We can all link these sites together as well when we post, utilizing this feature will always help with getting your content posted.


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