The Hero’s Journey Project Presentation

For our final project presentation in our Digital Storytelling course, we came up with the idea to make an eMagazine to present The Hero’s Journey. This eMagazine features information for on the journey and features the 12 steps of The Hero’s Journey. Here are my submissions for the project.

I hope this project will show future students the means of different paths in Marketing and that there are several ways to express our content. Keeping The Hero’s Journey as a prime example for the Multimedia Communications program, we must keep our creative processes original and exciting. This eMagazine is a great foundation that I hope will be continued as a legacy of work for The Hero’s Journey.


Step 12: Return with Elixir

You are now the hero you wanted to become. You have made it through the journey and return with the knowledge that you learned along the way.

Those you have returned to want to know your story. Now is the time to share your experiences.

As a student you have gathered all you have learned. You now highlight a showcase of your work, experiences, and expertise. These examples show what has been effective for you and will help show future students that they too can become a hero. Congratulations Superhero, you have made it through an extravagant journey!



Download of our classes full eMagazine:

Made by Nick Rehler


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