Educate with Awe

With the topic of how we can entertain as we educate, there came to mind a few different ways that have entertained and educated me in media. Some channels that I’ve watched as a kid sometimes had the stylings of edutainment, such as the history channel, national geographic, and shows like Bill Nye the Science Guy, Magic School Bus, and Beakman’s World. These shows have given it’s viewers the fundamentals of learning while enjoying great content provided with the topic of science.

In more modern of times and the spread of the internet at a high peak of sharing newer content, I’ve been enjoying the works of TED Talks becoming drawn out to the discussion at hand. The way these videos bond education and the entertainment of seeing what is being discussed becoming drawn out is truly amazing to watch as the aspect is put in sync. Feel free to see this example in the video below.

Another super effective way that bringing education and entertainment together has been playing strategy games. Games such chess, Magic: The Gathering, and even Othello have been great ways of building our logic and strategy while being immersed into a form of being entertained. Even in the world of Youtube different channels and uploaders help highlight how people can learn more out of the games we play.


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