Virtual Goods and Services

As we go deeper into our development towards The Hero’s Journey, I begin to think of ways in which virtual goods and services can come from our experiences in Second Life. As far as what we have developed in world, I tend to think that printing out our designs that successfully attribute in The Hero’s Journey, we would really catch the attention of our peers and the staff of the college. These objects could be displays of what what we have crafted or even objects that could be made into key chains or hand held items.

Items such as the Keys to Success would be a major product to highlight the rich engagement that The Hero’s Journey is beginning to lead in the Multimedia Communications program. Other things that would be amazing to see would be the hats that are incorporated along the journey as well, because clothes universally sends a message of style, personality, and a person’s forthcoming’s. The branding would stay true to our pirate roots as we give a nod to our work at Peninsula College.

Within The Hero’s Journey in the future, I would love to see other elements developed to what we are working with, such as boots crafted to deal with step 7, a telescope to look down the steps ahead, and other things that would truly be known of the presence of Peninsula College, the home of The Hero’s Journey. Immersive Engagement has a large influence in the world of marketing and with knowing our process in development, we will learn that we can achieve great products for future projects.


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