Immersive Experiences

Within video and film, to think immressively, we dive into the aspects of everything that we indulge while relating to what we are experience. To put ourselves in the mindsets of what is influencing us impacts interests and becomes absorbed into our being in certain ways. The media we associate with become stories and ways of thought process and to the think of how influential media is to is certainly powerful on many levels.

In the bounds of 4D we can look pass image or sight, then realize that 4D is truly the state of what is “inside” or “being”. As we become engaged with media, we take to heart what we ultimately take interest towards. The stories passed along by directors and producers reflect their inner self and that is what we get the most out of while understanding the relation of a well thought out story.

As we take a look at roles of our progress in Directing and Production class, we begin to see our inner self forming. While going through this process, I see myself as a Achiever, Explorer, and Socializer through the work that I have done thus far. I can feel that with my progress, I can appreciate in saying that I can take in the tasks of all four of the traits that we reflect on while directing and producing our videos; Do, Express, Think, and Feel.


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