The Hero’s Journey PreVis and Prototyping

For my previs and prototyping, I’ve been working on getting things together for step 12. I’ve been working on adding objects that relate to the bonfire story circle and Longhouse area of the college. These places are also represented as our new gallery space of The Hero’s Journey.

Here are some snapshots of what is being added so far.


The benches are similar to those found in the Longhouse. These are built close to what the same can be found. Soon they will have proper texturing to the same as the actual benches.


These trellis awnings will be made as a part of our galleries. They will have backdrops that will feature the works included in the galleries. The colors of the tapestries on the awnings will include the 12 colors associated with The Hero’s Journey.


With the image above you can see the layout of where step 12 will be, underneath the giant helm. The shape of step 12 will be in somewhat of a horseshoe shape of a path and will have the bonfire in the center. The step will also include cedar trees at the beginning of where the step starts and surrounding the center of the step as well.


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