Advertising During the Super Bowl

We think that commercials can be annoying at times and we feel that we need to skip through them with what we are watching. The Super Bowl on the other hand, sometimes people watch The Super Bowl just to see the commercial. In the world of advertising, there has never been so much excitement as the exclusive commercials made to air during America’s most anticipated televised event of the year.

The commercials during The Super Bowl are specifically made for showing during the event to capture the attention of the multi-million viewers so they can be captivated into new products. These are extremely effective productions that are meant to grasp attention in the matter of seconds. So much can be shared in this time frame and those of the production test their talents to their utmost limits.

Some memorable mentions are the commercials of Wendy’s Where’s the Beef?, Apple’s Introducing Macintosh, and Coca Cola’s Mean Joe Green. These commercials forever etched into history as short stories, we might not see it in that perspective, but that is truly the just direction that these masterpieces have striven for. The power of video can explain so much, even if they are just commercials during a major foot ball game.


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