Respect and Personal Responsibility

Respect and Personal Responsibility to me shows the truth in following others in what they have striven for and all that they want to be an example for. Respect in its own can be a feat for people, but as we put in consideration that it is in our characteristics that we choose to give that respect as needed.

For me as a someone who works in multiple forms of multimedia, the showing of gratitude towards others work and those I want to spread the word of, shows that my devotion towards the content they share with the world is like a representation of my own interests as well. It is important to keep motivation through others progress as if it is your own. This is definitely a good thought towards what respect and personal responsibility do for everyone.

In my progress with the work of the Veterans Resource Center project, for example, I am showing my respects towards fellow veterans like myself and I’m helping aid them while letting others know of their service for veterans in need. As well as working with the video project for The Olympic Medical Center’s Volunteer Program, I am also letting others know the impacts of how volunteering can mean so much to medical centers. Sharing of media has a high impact for as long as you put forth your full devotion into understanding the messages behind it.


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