Immersive Engagement Proposal

  1. Premise and Purpose

For the premise and purpose of The Hero’s Journey, we will be incorporating our Digital Storytelling for orientating new students and others from the community about Peninsula College through virtual space. My chosen step is Step 12 which focuses on the returning with new knowledge that has been gathered through our journeys as students. This will be represented by the building of a new gallery space that will feature the works of those that have excelled while taking part as students.

  1. Audience and Market

Our intended audience would be those that are interested in how Peninsula College and its students engage with the world through digital storytelling, as well as those in Second Life that are familiar with our College Program. The project doesn’t necessarily need to be centered in Second Life, it can be branched out into real life as well for those that would like to experience our project in a non-digital format, this way it can be universal. The project will appeal to others as an ever-growing experience for those that have participated in the project since the beginning of its development and to the future of further development and incorporation.

  1. Medium, Platform, and Genre

As The Hero’s Journey takes place within Second Life, we too can adapt towards real world format with our use of objects and symbolism, creating Keys to Success and even items we find along the way. This type of interaction could be done with 3D printing of objects if we can find a source of making that happen, as well as make clothing that would be similar in virtual space. The main medium and platform would root from Second Life as an experience that those from around the world may join in on.

  1. Narrative and Gaming Elements

The virtual experience will lead us on an adventure that will give us options that we will choose to take along the way, showing us what its like to go on our own story through the journey. This experience will show us examples of the life of a student and hero that is trying to transition from the ordinary world. The visual aspects will represent symbolism of the tasks that we take on as we tell our stories.

  1. User’s Role and Point of View (POV)

The user will jump into the role of a student showing their experience in transforming from a regular civilian to a student dressed in pirate garb. They will gain the perspective of those that have crafted the project as well as those who will further journey their aspirations as a new student. They will see all the imagery and symbols that tie together aspects of the virtual world and Peninsula College.

  1. Characters

Occurring characters will be our virtual companions that will be symbolic towards the steps we take. These characters will be our wilderness friends that will guide us. Along with these companions, those who have worked on the project as well will be seen as great represented characters, to share their experience and work.

  1. Structure and Interface

The journey is structured as a story and will have a beginning, middle and end. This will lead users around an area that will tell of comprehensive steps with tasks that they will need to follow to get to the next step. This is structured to share multiple meanings that everybody can comprehend and relate towards in daily life.

  1. Storyworld and Sub-settings

The stories told throughout the journey will feature tasks and conflicts that might occur while starting college or attending college. The stories are representations from actual students that have participated in the creation of the project, so it will be truly authentic. The sub-setting is placed as a pirate adventure that features a fantasy take on the college and what the students have crafted towards their representations of the journey.

  1. User Engagement

The user engagement will involve the use of following the journey down the steps, engaging with the objects placed along the paths and will interact with them as they come along. They will take different paths in the steps and make choices that will determine their outcome of the journey. They will be able to interact as often as they feel to get the full effect of what the journey has to offer.

  1. Overall Look and Sound

The journey will have the looks and sounds of a mixture between pirates and the pacific northwest. They will have interactions with text displays and animated objects that will be a part of the journey. The overall representation and design of the project will keep users engaged from start to finish.

  1. Interactive Scavenger Hunt

As part of the journey in digital world, the real world will engage people to participate in a scavenger hunt that features elements that could be found in our digital space. This could be the use of picking your Keys to Success and going through campus looking for information that you might need to know. These elements would be able to communicate interactivity that students and people would need to gather insight for those that will be going to the college or know of others that will be.

  1. Marketing of The Hero’s Journey

Marketing of The Hero’s Journey would be given towards audience of future students and possibly even staff that would like to help be a part of the college. The journey could make its own Facebook page to encourage others to follow its example through different media platforms. These interactions with the media will help with meeting staff or other students for guidance and mentorship.


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