The Hero’s Journey Virtual Experience

In this assignment for Digital Storytelling class, we were to dive into Second Life and gather information that we could use in our Hero’s Journey. With Step 12 as my major focus in adding to our virtual space, I decided to go with the next form of our virtual galleries. The gallery is a big part of Step 12 as it is a showcase towards the works that we, as students, have done while learning about the virtual world and our presence in it.

Here is my mood board highlighting ideas of what could be used for the galleries.

gallery mood board

For inspiration in Second Life, we were to go to areas with specific purposes and roles that they are centered around. A lot of these were to help us brainstorm ideas for our own interpretations. With these spaces, they would really help us as we plan our digital stories.

Here is my list of places I’ve visited in Second Life.

Educational – How to (like how to build in Second Life) and a subject (like history) and a virtual campus
Ivory Tower Library of Primitives

The location of Ivory Tower Library was an amazing sim set up with an upward spiraling library full of information. The design of the library started from the entrance where you head left and start with the simpler tasks of building prims in Second Life, then as you go further you take the staircase up and the tutorials become more advanced. The way that the library was set up was absolutely effective.

Rockcliffe University Consortium

The Rockcliffe University Consortium is a place to learn different methods of nonprofit and gain free coding. The space was very pristine and had a beautiful design to it. The area was professionally displayed and was full of information that you would like to learn.

Retail – Fashion and Home / Garden
Serenity Style, Shutter Field – home and garden decor

This retail area was beautifully set up and fit themes together to get that feeling of a real life location. The displays were informative and had examples of what the retail was selling. I really enjoyed visiting the area, it definitely gave me some ideas in case I were to have my own area to sell objects in Second Life.

Art – Visual
The Vordun Museum and Gallery

Perhaps my favorite out of the places I visited. The Vordun Museum and Gallery is a prime example of running museums or galleries in Second Life, it displayed actual works of art and features other works by featured artists that contributed to the museum. The museum even had a gift shop that you could purchase unique items in Second Life.

Performance – Theater, Poetry, or Music
Lollygagger Lane

Lollygagger Lane was like taking a stroll down a real life rural crust punk utopia. This sim was filled with make-shift stages for Second Life performers that want to express their talents virtually. The space is a masterpiece compiled of rust, metal, and dirt pathways to make it feel like you’re traveling down alleyways meant for artists.

Role-Playing or Gaming
Dragon Nest, Boardgame Beach

The Dragon Nest’s Boardgame Beach is a sim featuring virtual games that you can play to pass time or even compete for. The area is a beautiful beach set up with a boardwalk feel filled with game board tables. The games feature favorites like chess and checkers. This sim gives great inspiration with adding gaming engagement elements in Second Life.

Real Life Location
Amazon Rainforest Ecological Group

Teleporting to the Amazon, you will see beautiful rivers and animals tucked away in the jungle. This sim of the real life Amazon features tons of information to learn about the Amazon. To add real life objects, like how this sim has, really shows the importance of storytelling in virtual space.


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