Process of Stories and Four Way Creativity

The process of story telling has evolved long since the dawn of communication. Stories truly captivate us, inspire us, inform us, and educate us in several ways. We use stories to remember events and what occurred during those times, this works off of memory and how we shape our way of thinking. Stories can pull people in, this is why most times lectures or meetings start off with stories, so for those attending will keep their attention on the speaker. As stories are told through time, we keep stories alive to communicate with others so we can lead by example and continue legacies of achievement and progress, be it factual or symbolically spellbinding fiction.

Along with stories we are tested daily in our forms of creativity. We have four different means of creativity that interact between themselves. These four forms are Deliberate, Spontaneous, Cognitive, and Emotional. In my attribution towards the Hero’s Journey, I’ve been following the steps towards Deliberate and Cognitive to be proper with the setting and themes of the Hero’s Journey. I wish to continue to go along this line to help keep the legacy of our classmates that will be a part of the journey in the future, but also help to influence them with the Spontaneous attributes of cognitive and emotional creativity.


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