Inspirational Documentaries


When I think of what my favorite documentaries that influenced me, these first three come to mind.

Inside Iraq – The Untold Stories

This first documentary was literally the first documentary that I’ve seen while overcoming my homelessness in Port Angeles. I checked out the DVD from the Port Angeles library while I was browsing the military section of their videos. This video was a bold and exciting choice for me as it reflected the years of the Iraq War that taken place a few years before my actual enlistment into the Army. This documentary covers the raw truths of the war during the time and how soldiers dealt their time while deployed during the post 9/11 war circa. This documentary shows me that it is possible to share anything while covering any kind of aspect that could be shown.

Here is a clip from the documentary

Being a lover of music and a fan of Pink Floyd, the documentary of The Making of The Dark Side of the Moon was an instant classic for me. The film covers everything that I had wondered about the album and it’s process. The documentary influences me with the story telling of music in general and how bands and musicians create their masterpieces.

The third topic isn’t a video, but yet a company that has influenced me for a few years now. Vice is a documenting Juggernaut that covers all topics modern and in the now. The edge that Vice presents shows the world in the eyes others that some people wouldn’t put into perspective. The unbiased of interest that Vice covers is endless and will continue surprise it’s follows for years to come. Vice has influenced me with showing that there are no limits and nothing is impossible.



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