Being Successful with Fonts and Color

As we engage with the digital universe we follow everything importantly with what we see. Font and color can certainly make and break our senses as we perceive every little bit of information. What we read and how we read is the most dynamic aspect that we must consider while we view websites, read subtitles, shopping online, and even noticing ads.

Digitally we should always stick to the forms of Sans Serif so that we don’t have misconceptions in what we are viewing. The excess of Serif conflicts the ever refreshing of screens and may cause strains on our eyes, making fonts harder to read at times. Keeping font size is always important as well. Size 12 is the usual size that works best. Always consider that your font color is always a darker color with a lighter background.

Color defines our personality and shapes the formation of what we see online. As we develop websites, ads, and even illustrations, we have to know which colors are tied in together to effectively present what will be seen. Colors also affect our moods and can give a message of what we are viewing.

For a professional look of how fonts are critical from a profession stand point, I skimmed this link to get a little bit of information to share with you.



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