Significant Nonprofit Essay and Documentary Essay

For our Directing and Production course we will be focusing our first major project with a Significant Nonprofit video. With my thoughts towards the project, I first thought of highlighting the Veterans Resource Center that is available for veterans, not only for the Olympic Peninsula, but nationwide as well. As a veteran myself, I would cover major subjects for newly civilian veterans as well as long term veterans.

The Veterans Resource Center is kept in circulation to aid veterans in any way that would truly benefit veterans in a time of need. Some major topics that would be covered would be Medical, Housing, Legal, Education and Stand Downs. This video would be a great resource for veterans looking for information if need be.

Along with the Nonprofit video, we will also be focusing on a Documentary video that will feature volunteers helping with The Olympic Medical Center. This video will highlight the impact of how volunteering matters most in our community and how important it is to put into consideration while aiding in the medical field. We will share different types of volunteer work that The Olympic Medical Center has.

We will also share the types of volunteers that are needed, what accomplishments the volunteers will gain, and what kind of equipment is key while volunteering. We will be showing which volunteers that will be focused on in the video and we will learn why they have chosen to volunteer. This Documentary video will be a great way to demonstrate to the community the hard work of those who choose to help as much as they can in the medical field here on the Olympic Peninsula.


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