Movies as Propaganda

Films tell stories and have messages to spread. In this essay we focus on the topic of propaganda. With the idea of a movie spreading propaganda, the first movie that came to mind was the documentary, Super Size Me. The main focus of this wide spread film on the controversy of fast food and how it affects people, it gained a mainstream spot light among film viewers. It is based on simulated real time affects of eating fast food in a non-moderated style that could be seen as a risk to the health of those that chose to eat that way. I think that it proves effective towards the way of telling people that it can be damaging to eat this way without proper exercise and a better diet, but I also see it as a reverse marketing ploy that highlights towards McDonald’s being the primary food corporation at fault. I’d say it would have been better if all other types of fast foods were also factors as well and also highlight the fact that others do have the choice to exercise to balance the means of eating mainly fast food in conjunction towards the eating habit.


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