Key to Success

While working with Photoshop to make my key to success, I learned to make the key pretty easily with the base then all the other pieces worked from there. The bottom piece of the key was made from copying and pasting from the original png file then extruding it in 3D. As for the upper part of the defining symbol, it was made from basic shapes and layers to match that exactly towards the key design. Afterwards I finished the details on the base of the key with the cylinder pieces accenting the center. After learning how to merge the layers of the 3D key in Photoshop, the dae file imported into Second Life pretty well, just needed some fine detail adjustments with the width and depth.

I would say that after learning how 3D works with Photoshop, that I was pretty successful with making the key to precisely with how it should be. Knowing simple ways towards design and putting 3D pieces together, it was a great task in showing how our 3D designing skills would be incorporated in our class work. Once the key was put into Second Life, it was amazing to see how the key would be shown in the virtual world. I highly enjoyed the process.


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