Immersive Engagement with The Hero’s Journey

With this essay in Intro to 3D Design we brainstorm some ideas of what people of Peninsula College will be engaged with as the experience The Hero’s Journey. With development in world of Second Life, we set our 3D designed objects in place to share our stories as students and represent what they mean to be a student at PC. The primary design and layout that our space in Second Life is modeled from is also a reflection of what it symbolic towards our college, so we will continue to add towards this theme as students.

An idea that could be implemented along with our keys to success would be to make actual figures that could be given out during some type of orientation or project that would represent The Hero’s Journey further down the line, this would be a great way to engage people at the college to spread the word of the journey. Another fun idea would to bring the journey both together in real life and in virtual space, possibly by doing a walk through of the campus emulating a scavenger hunt that would be done as if it were in Second Life, then give flyers that has information about the Second Life virtual space. The next step to highlight the Hero’s Journey would be to do a video on the experience and incorporate it with the college as well, that way people can get an idea of what it is like to take The Hero’s Journey.


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