How Special Effects Enhance Film Appreciation

For this essay in Intro to Digital Video, we focus on the topic of how special effects define films. Not all films, television shows, or videos need special effects to be mind-blowing, in fact sometimes the use of special effects could make or break what we watch. For me, most films that include special effects truly define the movie for the execution in how the effects revolved around the story line, rather than trying to bend reality too far to the extremes.

One film that stood out to me the most while considering the fact of special effects defining the films experience, it was pretty easy to mention Where the Wild Things Are. This film based off the original novel by Maurice Sendak, was a long awaited fan favorite among those that have known about the story coming to the big screen. The effects used in the film truly highlight the fantasy that the story revolves around and perfects each aspect that could become visual.


Another favorite of mine has been a long time favorite since I was a kid. Stargate was a sci-fi masterpiece that included Ancient Egyptian belief with futuristic alien encounters. This film used amazing special effects to blend the past with the future into one whole struggle for existence into one outstanding movie. The effects range from motion armor, space crafts, and hyper-powered laser weapons. The action tied with the effects boldly shape the atmosphere of what we watch in the film.


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