Virtual Collaboration

In this essay for Intro to 3D Design class, we focus on virtual collaboration and how it pushes projects to great levels with team work. In the virtual world, working together is key when it comes to excelling in the works of design and marketing. Such as real life, the virtual world too has limitless possibilities when putting ideas and plans together into one whole project. In this post I will share some things that are important to consider while collaborating in the virtual world.

Team Up and Establish: Teaming up with others that share the same interest in what you are pursuing and also enjoy. Once your groups are set, establish your roles into your projects and make your team official. The further you work with your team and devote towards future projects, having an official team will lead to greater opportunities.

Games: Playing games with your team mates help you show your skills and help build on other dynamics of team interaction. Games may seem like a distraction from business or development, but it’s great for stress relief and recreation. Playing games can also help inspire others to further thought process.

Communicate: Communication is key in all forms of collaborating. Make sure to add friends and team mates on your social media, get their emails, and even their phone numbers if you so choose. This helps gets things across but also shares to the world of the work that you and your team is working on.

Sources and Sharing: Be sure to share your work with your team mates on either external share files or online services that can be accessible to your team. Sharing helps in case of emergencies and also to help people get a helping hand on what needs to be done. Having the same sources available to your team helps keeps pace with your teams work flow.

For some more helpful advice on what is important for virtual collaboration, here are some great links to check out.

How Successful Virtual Teams Collaborate – Keith Ferrazzi of Harvard Business Reviews

8 tips for virtual collaboration, from TED’s tech team – Haley Hoffman

5 Rules for Virtual Collaboration Among Project Teams – Andy Makar of LiquidPlanner

Improving Virtual Collaboration in Your Organization – Les Strachan of MindTools Corporate



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