Thresholds of the Uncanny Valley Concept

This topic for my Intro to 3D Design is based on the concept of the Uncanny Valley. The definition of this term is rooted from Masahiro Mori, professor emeritus of the Tokyo Institute of Technology. His theory is based on the development of robotics, computer generated beings, and other inorganic emulated life forms that take on close characteristics towards lifelike features.

The levels of which the Uncanny Valley affects people is based on the knowledge of knowing whether or not the things that people are dealing with are either organically human or something synthetic or robotic. The Uncanny Valley dips down into our senses to which we perceive as to being sentient or none living. These concepts draws levels in our way of thinking and can scare people if something is operated on its own free will without realizing that is operable specifically for a certain purpose.

Here is the diagram of how the Uncanny Valley concept is represented.


In the world of 3D Design, it is important to understand this concept due to people’s perceptions of reality. We must focus on the thoughts if things are too lifelike as we design or construct them and how they will be interacting with others. It is important to know the levels of design in ways so know that what we are making do not hinder the psyche of those that we are marketing too. This importance of knowledge has been taken account of through many years, primarily in video games, film/television, and as well as things that would be considered live performance.

In positive forms of working with this threshold of our understandings, we will be able to extend our works in science and technology. This can primarily help greatly with the medical field, going through levels of what people can do to improve and evolve our way healing others and aiding in ways that would not be possible. As well as in the field of entertainment, this can help with certain types of stunts or performances that could not be humanly possible. Such forms of CGI and digital animation have worked on these concepts for ages and continue to make the impossible much more possible.

Here is a video that provides other great information concerning Uncanny Valley.

via: DNews on Youtube. All Rights Reserved.


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