Motion Graphics in Video

Motion graphics in video is an amazing way to capture people’s attention. There are several different ways that film developers and directors have done for motion graphics. One of my favorites has been the opening credits for the film Juno. This motion graphic theme for the credits is a great look that has a almost comic book type look with animation from cut out ink-lined drawings. The process of doing this motion graphic was exactly that, the actors and actresses moving in front of a green screen while processing the motion into actual paper and then colorized, then finally gathered all together fitting towards perfection.

Here is the video of the opening credits.


And if you’re feeling crafty enough to emulate this effect for your own video, there is even a tutorial video for it in After Effects.

via: Creative COW Youtube. All Rights Reserved

Another opening that has captivated me over the years has been from the film Edward Scisorhands. The compelling atmosphere truly defines the mood of the film and undeniably reflects the vision of Tim Burton. It gives us the insight of the world that surrounds Edward before we know what comes along in the film.

Here is the intro video to the film.

My all time favorite opening with cartoons has always been the intro to The Simpsons. The daily life of The Simpsons is practically summed up neatly into this one minute intro and through the years has always been changed for each episode in a certain way, giving that humorous edge that The Simpsons has had since the beginning. Along with the catchy theme song, the introduction to The Simpsons will be forever iconic.

Here is a video clip of the intro to The Simpsons.


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