Transition definition in my own words: To see changes that can tie things together and bring comprehension towards motion.

Our next video assignment in Intro to Digital Video will be the use of transitions in our video and this post will be a type of pre-production script for that project. Working with different transitions in videos can give plenty of visual accents and interaction to what your are recording. Panning goes hand in hand with transitions when done to the precise effect, as well as different types of zooms if you were to choose to do so. Transitions can be crafty, amazing, and even mysterious if you can make proper transitions in your videos.

With my video, I have an idea of maybe centering a work of art or a type of model that will be the central focal point of the video. The transitions will aid the focal point as panning is implemented to give a taste of different features. I will also try and incorporate different types of moving objects surrounding the focal point to show forms of motion that also exist in the transitions. I hope to give a great aspect towards what I will be recording while using transitions for the video, showcasing the focal point in it’s entirety.


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