Directions in Prototyping

For our Hero’s Journey in Intro to 3D Design, we need to take a look into prototyping. As we go into designing new objects to add in Second Life, we must think of what the purpose of our objects will be, that’s where prototyping comes in. There are several types of prototyping to consider for this, but we will be focusing on two different types. For my objects, I chose binoculars and an anchor.

Storyworld and Sub-settings.

To fit these objects with a marketing stand point within Second Life, it fits with the branding of our pirate theme that the college follows. The binoculars help us look down to future steps that are ahead in our journey. The anchor is a symbol of keeping our bearing as we are students facing challenges on our way of learning. These two objects fits towards pirates and work as symbols and tools of achievement and as well in importance. These are two objects that can tie both the storyworld and sub-settings together as we travel through our journeys.

User Engagement

In the world of Second Life we can get objects that we keep. As you participate through The Hero’s Journey you get items along the way to show that you have taken the steps. The items I chose would be used as objects that you keep, but as well as show that you made your way through The Hero’s Journey while having something meaningful. With this type of engagement and you continue your way in Second Life or virtual world, you will have something that tells a story to others as well as show that you have made it through The Hero’s Journey.


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