Audio Importance and Your Favorite Soundtrack

For this assignment blog in Intro to Digital Video we think about the importance of audio in film.

As much as we view in video, we are captivated by the visuals displayed. Now think about your favorite films or shows without audio effects, dialog, or music. It’s pretty important to see how our sense to combine sight and sound together.

There is different type of impact that we can sense when sound is added to what we see. Sound effects give us the sense of realism towards things in motion or action that occurs. We can get a feel that when we hear something that we see in a film, it brings it to life and gives a more broader spectrum to the senses.

Our emotions and responses as humans respond best while adding sound and sight together. In horror films we can sense danger, in action we can sense impact, and in comedy we can catch the bite of the punch line. Audio attributes towards many different layers of what we get from film and television.

One of these aspects that has a long lasting impression on us is the ever-so enjoyable soundtracks of what we watch. There’s nothing better than enjoying the songs that accompanies the stories that we follow and taking in all the connections that the songs hold to the plots, characters, and scenes. For my selection for one of my favorite soundtracks in films, is the soundtrack to Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

To give a listen to some of the songs used in the song, here is a sample playlist of what’s featured in the song.

The reason why the sound track stands out as one of my favorites is the songs that were chosen and written for this film fits perfectly towards the story. Each song defines each character we see in the film and keeps us glued to what is going on in the film. Since the film is truly based on music appreciation, it gives us that feel that each track is just as important from the next in the films structure and settings. It’s bold and easily grasping towards our focus from beginning to end. My favorites from the soundtrack that are featured on the film are the songs Speed of Sound by Chris Bell, Lover by Devendra Banhart, Baby You’re My Light by Richard Hawley, and How to Say Goodbye by Paul Tiernan. If you’re able to find these songs and listen to them, I highly recommend checking them out.


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