Dress for Success

For this essay we look into what dresses our entertainment worlds. We look at what the surroundings are like, how the characters are dressed, objects that are represented, and how the all around atmosphere is presented. With this topic we pull all the elements in together and paint the picture of that world that we choose to see.

For this topic I’m going with a film that I’ve enjoyed for a while now.

The Warriors

Paramount Pictures – All Rights Reserved

In this fantastically, yet gritty cult classic film, The Warriors are one of many street gangs in New York that are striving to survive. As one of the major leaders of the area is shot down in the middle of a speech, The Warriors are to blame. Their only means of survival is to trudge the gang filled streets.

Through out the film, you are kept in the dark of the night as The Warriors are making their way back to their own turf, fighting off rivaling gangs that are trying to stop them. Each gang is vastly unique in appearance and style as we notice that each member keeps to the gang’s motif. This ranges from how they are dressed and how they fight as well.

We also get a feeling of how the gangs interact through the film by their appearance as well as by their gang names. Each name adapts towards the backstory of each gang and chisels an extra detail that makes each gang more unique from the next.
The following link is a great resource on the gangs.

The film being based in New York gives us a feel of a bustling atmosphere that comes with a building clattered sense of a downtown cityscape. Filled with meandering alleyways and abrupt night parks that are greeted with sudden run-ins with unwelcomed guests. The night city vibe truly keeps us on edge as well as waiting to see what comes next.

Objects in the film vary from hand-held weaponry, random accessories, and proper attire that represents each gang. With scenery there is also lots of objects that we see being implemented in chase scenes and battle scenes as means of adding more insult to injury. With impact, the film is dynamic with it’s action and themes throughout its settings and atmospheres.

It is easy to see how such a stunning film as The Warriors became a major hit, with its thrills in action and its outstanding visuals to accent the films theme, it completes a perfect story to follow. The film in its entirety is beyond dressed for success, it is cloaked in fame to leave a lasting impression on its viewers. The Warriors is definitely a must see if you have not seen it, and will definitely always be a lasting classic.


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