Previs Idea Board

For Intro to 3D Design we are working with Previs Idea Board. These idea boards are used for planning when making 3D objects and help us with previsualization on what we are created. They are based on the principles of Swatches, Textures, Surfaces, Story, and Sound. These objects will be used as a part of our Hero’s Journey.

Here are my Previs Idea Boards.


The interaction that the binoculars will work with in Second Life will be able to be worn and attached. Sound interaction would include a glossy sleek glassy sound. As described the binoculars will represent insight for the Hero’s Journey.


The anchor will be used as a carrying device or possibly even as a type of jewellery. With sound interaction, I picture a type of low level clang interpreted with metal and maybe as well as waves to represent tides. As a symbol of fortification, the anchor will be a representation of persistence and resilience in the Hero’s Journey.


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