One-Takes and the Use of Constant Motion, Favorites in Film.

For this week in Introduction to Video, we were to watch or research the short film The Way Things Go. This video was a great form of video that is called a One-Take, a video that is predetermined through extensive planning to produce the motion of one constant motion that is taking place.

The other way to view this type of motion is similar to the set up of dominoes or even the game Mouse Trap. All is set up in a long run path to where we know that it follows until the final outcome, which it’s technique is to keep viewers compelled until the end. In all of the examples that I know of, the most favorable of videos that follow along these lines is a Youtube video by nigahiga

As you can see, the video captures you in until an amazing ending. These One-Takes with the act of motion have been a captivating form of film for ages now. These types of videos will continue to be great themes in motion capturing.

While thinking of what my favorites in film would be, there’s an endless list. I usually enjoy comedy, horror, sci-fi, independent films, and documentaries. Some of my favorite directors range from Harmony Korine, Quentin Tarantino, Stanley Kubrick, tv producers; Matt Groening, Chuck Lorre, and Mike Judge.

I usually enjoy film with deep meanings and sometimes down-right striking towards reality. In artistic ways, I am always compelled with the surreal and dark. Anything that keeps it’s viewers on edge is always something that attracts me.

I also enjoy music videos as much as I do with the music that the videos are followed with. When I was able to watch music videos on MTV and other musical television channels on tv, I have grown much fonder to the music that I learned to love. I have always loved the music videos that have been produced for artists such as Rob Zombie, Tool, Marilyn Manson, and Queens Of The Stone Age.

In all aspects to which could be favorites for me, I have a large range of favorites and will continue to gain more.


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