Designs and Sculptures (3D and Real Life)

Through the existence of what mankind has developed in art, there has been wide ranges in the forms of communication. Each object instills a type of symbolism that its creators hoped to give meaning.

This post is about my favorite types of designs and sculptures that I find intriguing. Since technologies vast developments, we have been able to take ideas that our hands could construct and turn it into digital representations.

The process of creating multiple objects in 3D design has limitless possibilities. From buildings, statues, space, and even the inside of the human body, we have gone far into the depths of what we have created and could possibly create.

One of my favorite works in 3D has been Suzanne, the model from blender.


Suzanne was designed as a later implemented Easter egg add-on towards blender for those to see the works of blender and how blender can work with texturing and other functions.

In the real world there are plenty of different types of sculptures that I have admired. One of the major examples of these has been the Winged Bull, Lamassu. Lamassu is symbolized as a protector in the early years of Iraq. While in Art 127, Lamassu was one of the many key topics that we have learned about from the early Middle East. I loved the symbolism of how Lamassu came to be with it’s imagery and representation as a guardian.





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