My Virtual Presence

Coming back into class with this Winter Quarter, I’ll be working more into the virtual world here online. Continuing from my other classes and the work of Second Life, I’ll be focusing more time in it’s virtual space with sharing my content and meeting with classmates. With how powerful Second Life has become in the years, I am very excited with getting more involved in how it’s implemented with our online presence.


Second Life Profile:

My account is jackcote86 on Second Life and if you happen to see me anywhere else in Second Life sims, my username is JACKXCOTE.


I hope to learn to work with 3D Modeling so I can experience design objects that could be used all over the virtual world and have fun crafting items for avatars. My first start will be working with designing tee shirts and work from there once I learn more on how designing works.

Second Life will be inspirational within my classes in many forms. We will incorporate our work spaces with virtual galleries, sandbox sessions, as well as field trips to amazing locations within the virtual world. It will definitely be adventurous!

Here is a screen shot of one of my classes in session of discovering our class room location in Second Life.

MEDIA196: Intro to 3D Design. Location by Zinnia Zauber (Renne Emiko Brock).                   – All Rights Reserved –

Along with my MEDIA196 course, I am also taking MEDIA115 – Intro to Digital Video. This course we will have a Youtube account where we will be uploading our content. This account will show my progress in possibly both courses, primarily my Intro to Digital Video course.

Here is that account.

– All images used by Jack Cote © All Rights Reserved


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