Re-cap of Midterm

So far with my submission towards my midterm covering the Approach section of the 12 Steps, I think I covered almost all mentioned ideas of my brainstorming. With the vast varieties that could be incorporated in the topic of Approach, there is so many challenges we could face. With the info that I compiled, I believe that I made most of what I could define for ideas in overcoming the Approach step.

Towards the symbolism of what the Approach could be, I kept it to the previous vision that is incorporated in Second Life, the imagery of a pond with stepping stones to guide your way. With this representation intact, it also is symbolic of the way that the 12 Steps are helpful for all students. I think that the infographic I created was a great simplistic design that could be followed well accompanying the supporting information that the digital story telling has to offer through Second Life.

Alongside the works of how Second Life works perfectly with infographics and digital story telling, we will working with the Keys to Success that are apart of the 12 Steps of the Hero’s Journey. These steps can be seen as a major part of how we unlock or gain new skills or information. With my step, I chose the three keys that fit best towards the Approach; Prioritize, Resources, and Adaptability.

Knowing these keys, it’s good to take a look at how these keys will unlock. As we get past the Approach step, we could use one of the these three keys in succession of what skills we learn from these keys, we can envision many symbols that we can achieve. Imagine unlocking a treasure chest after facing what you’ve approached, finding either a compass to keep on your way, a telescope or binoculars to see what’s further down your path, or even items that have camouflage or clothing that blends you in to represent adaptation.


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