Midterm for Media195

The Approach

In the works of our infographics course, we use lots of work incorporating symbolism with different forms or imagery and story telling. In our works of The Hero’s Journey, we take a trip down 12 Steps that we, as heroes take towards becoming successful students at Peninsula College.

Each step is represented in different transitions that we face from beginning to end during a standard degree earning pace. The first step is seen as we find reason or cause in which we proceed to further our education. Like all stories we proceed to start off on an adventure, this is where we take the first step on our journeys.

As we get through the points in which we settle our ground during our journeys, we still have challenges that arise during our times of education. Students are approached with different events that could change our outcome as we are in the middle of our learning process. These types of events could vary from person to person, but also anyone could face at any time.

So let’s get into perspective of what some symbolic situations that could be similar to these kind of events that students could face. As we continue from the step that proceeds from The Approach of our 12 Steps, we make different friends and allies through our journey, as well as enemies and difficult situations. Imagine the approach as a traveler coming to creek or a pond, and there is different ways to get past, but you have to find out which way is best for you.

Via: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/44/Rocks_in_Sycamore_Creek_Company_Mill_Trail_Umstead_NC_SP_0062_%283583779722%29.jpg

The pond or creek is symbolized to be challenges we face as we approach them along our paths. As heroes we have several different choices of facing this task. Examples would to be well prepared and tread the waters with attire suitable for water, gather the knowledge of making a small bridge for yourself stable enough to pair to the rocks, team up with others the build a larger bridge, risk crossing atop the rocks, or try a whole new direction and see if you can get around the water.

This is important to know because we, as students, face situations very similar to our educational paths. This could be represented as having issues with transportation, educational struggles, child care issues, and one of the most important challenges, financial coverage.


– Jack Cote Designs ©

Approach is a very important step we take as students so we can further keep ourselves motivated to continue our paths down being students. Key aspects that we should follow while we approach new challenges is to prioritize, gain and utilize resources, and most importantly have adaptability towards whats to come.


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