Pre-Midterm for Media195

In our work with the Hero’s Journey in our Media195 class, we will be working on constructing the steps of the Hero’s Journey piece by piece by each individual person in the course. There are the 12 different steps that we will be covering and this post will be about how I will be working on my step for contribution for the class. For my step I will be working on the 7th step; The Approach.

The purpose of these steps is to represent the encouragement and support people or new students to be apart of Peninsula College. These steps are used to help emulate the process of what it is like to go through the start of our college experiences and what we will face as students. With this, we work to incorporate infographics to inform those who are wondering about attending Peninsula College or for students that are new to the College as well.

The way that these 12 Steps will be presented for those that will be interested in this information will get the experience of the virtual space, Second Life, as our classmates work out the visual symbolism that helps us retain the information that these steps have. Along with the virtual space of Second Life, out classmates will also give amazing infographics that represent each step. Each infographic is created to show the importance of each step and what they mean to their fullest extent.

In our representation of the 12 Steps, the Second Life space and our infographics will have the narratives towards pirates, the Peninsula College mascot, and elements that reflect the Pacific Northwest. As a narrative, the students will share their own experiences along with their inforgraphics. Together all these aspects will give the full experience of what it’s like to be a student at Peninsula College, encouraging the best out of what its like to be a student and what helps to be successful as one.

In the meantime of working on this midterm, I will be working on what needs to be done first before it all ties in together. For the first part, I am making sure that I make the proper infographic that works with my step along with the proper information. Also I will make sure that my brainstorming is pieced together with what I will be working with and manage all the elements that will be incorporated in the Midterm.


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