Generational Research

As I was working on my Venn Diagram project for Media195, I had gone through lots of various sites to recollect trends between Generations X and Y. It felt like flashing back into lands of nostalgia of past trends that stood true in those years. Lots of different material was considered to be used for making the Venn Diagrams, and I picked what I thought seemed fitting.

My first topic was music genres that the two generations covered. Most of the genres I was very familiar with and knew pretty well what defined the eras. It brought me back to remembering my favorite songs that came out during those years and I remember the music videos that were popular during the time. Music was probably the most fitting of choice for me to work with on the assignment since music was one of the major influences I’ve had growing up.

Next I worked on researching technology for the second diagram. Most technology I knew from growing up was pretty relevant towards what I added to the diagrams and remember using pretty often. I remember the stacks of VHS tapes that my family had collected over the years and the many musical tapes as well. I remember various commercials on television that was selling the latest products as technology grew more in popularity. It was amazing as well to see the dramatic change from tape based materials to laser-read discs of various formats. It was truly timeless to see such a change in technology during those years.

I took a look at fashion for my other Venn Diagram, since fashion has been a wide varying form of self-expression between Generations X and Y. I remember teens much older than me that wore clothes that were definite examples of the era they were in. Even as a kid in the late 80’s I saw that clothes was much different from then until the time I grew up in the 90’s. The 80’s had its flash and flare, big hair, and looks that emulated the stars they idolized. While the 90’s hit with grunge music, alternative rock, and boy bands, clothing lines followed in the footsteps of their trends. Grunge brought flannel and rough genes into play, band tees became more popular, and the boy band followers iced their hair like their idols in the pop scene.

It’s truly a trip down memory lane collecting the types of trends for the Venn Diagrams. It also helps to see the transitions we make in history as well when we compare and contrast the events that we recollect from ourselves or those we know that lived in generations before us. Nostalgia has a whimsical aspect in research that brings out the most memorable of work that we can look back on and put a smile on our face while remembering our pasts.


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