Social Media and Story Telling

Social networking has come long ways from its earlier years on the internet. The first forms of social networking evolved from email and instant messaging. Now we have new means that we can express ourselves and connect with friends and new people.

New features are being added at a steady pace, which incorporates a lot of different features that work with what we post and how we post. The dynamics of such sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the new age of social media is taking our experiences to new levels.

You might not think that story telling is really connected with such things as social networking, but in all reality, that’s one of the major key points. Behind every account, every post, every page, there is indeed a personal or collected story associated with the media that is shared.

My first thought of how story telling is presented in social media, is the sharing a memory feature on Facebook. This example is a way of us going back and telling those we are currently connected with that there was a moment on Facebook that was definitely memorable for us. This is like a digital simulation of turning a page in a book or journal.


– Via:
by Napier Lopez

Instagram has become one of my favorite new apps in the social networking world. As a photographer and digital artist, it is a great place to show my talents. Instagram allows people to see through the eyes of other users. This form of story telling takes on the visuals that we feel is a part of our lives and makes it simple to upload an image that is worthy of our present feelings.

In a broad aspect towards social networking, we see that almost every form of networking or site usage incorporates a form of information that could be seen as story telling. Media that is being shared throughout the internet is sky-rocketing, just imagine the amount of stories being told through these various sources below.

– Via:
by Irfan Ahmad

As long as the internet continues to grow with new means of media sharing, we will see experiences unfold for millions upon millions of individuals. It could be watching a video on Youtube, listening to our favorite albums from iTunes, even reading reviews from Yelp. Social media is more than just connections, social media is a new digital metaphor for people telling us their stories.


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