Video Sampler Scavenger Hunt #22 – Transmedia

Video 22 of the Video Sampler Scavenger Hunt Projects for Digital Video Projects class.
This video is a sample of Transmedia.


Social Media and Storytelling Videos

As effective as Social Media works with our Storytelling videos, I haven’t really gone past the point of sharing my videos throughout social media, I more so have just focused them within school work in itself since most interaction with my social media is personal and related to other projects. Though my interactions with social media and class work are somewhat separated, some of my work is kind of done in reverse where my independent projects influenced my work with class projects, such as studying on video layers while working with my music video that involved my own music project, or even the use of older work with video and 3D design in courses I’ve done before. This is just a short step I’ve taken to keep my skills with what I’ve learned, in the future I do plan to actually share my stories through social media if the projects fit towards the synergy.

Here are some links to the videos I worked on while practicing editing with videos. They are on my facebook and are pretty short, but are still really cool with how they turned out. The videos are work with 3D design use with Photoshop, and another video that I’ve done to test video layering with Photoshop that you have seen utilized in my original story project.

Original Story Video Project: Shelter Music Video – JackCote

Music video for Shelter by my music project, JackCote.
Jack Cote Productions © 2017
JackCote Music © 2017


The story behind this video is to take a third person perspective into the dark. The setting feels like a call for escape from danger into the nearest place you could find, no matter how dark and dreary. Where is your hope? The video’s message is found at the end when you know where your hope is in this shelter.

Three Movies That Transformed My Life

This topic was definitely one to put forth well thought out choices when it came to movies that influenced me greatly through my life. Each choice of movies are certainly favorites of mine, but now that I think of them more, I put them into perspectives that I never thought of previously thought of until now as influential. Each movie is a different type of movie by genre, in which gives me different insight towards production and story development.

For my first choice, it was easily one of my all time favorites, Napoleon Dynamite. In my opinion, this movie was extraordinary in it’s way that it started off as a short and expanded into a full length film. The film is hilarious and didn’t rely on high use of special effects. I seen this as influential as the means that all projects can continue on in new fashions and further develop your film in a way that you feel will get your story across.

Next also follows along the lines that movies don’t need big special effects to be outstanding. This a horror movie classic, Halloween from the Halloween series. This movie influenced me that sometimes horror can take any form in any way, as long as the context is well received and the story line keeps us gripped to what we’re watching.

For my third movie, I chose a music documentary because it covers two of my favorite things in music and documentaries, this is documentary is on one of rocks greatest albums and one of rocks greatest bands, Pink Floyd: The Making of The Dark Side of the Moon. Easily influential to me because it documents what was done behind the scenes of the album and what the band’s history was during the time of producing the album. I take much consideration into how production is made through musical projects and this documentary is a prime example of how production should be documented.

Original Story version 1

Here is version 1 to the Original Story Video Project. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done before version 2 is done, this is just a sample video of placement footage to represent ideas that will be used for the video. We still need to get a proper location that will work for the full effect of the video and also obviously the audio once we have more filling footage and the complete story that the video will be telling. This video is not official towards the finished product, but it will give a taste of what the finished version might show.

Here is the story board

story board

Here is the video.