Future Social Media Apps and Recommendations

With my knowledge that I gained through Social Media Marketing, I will continue to utilize the social media platforms I use daily toward my work with multimedia, perhaps use them more often with richer content highlighting my services. I’m also considering using new platforms as well to help spread more content online that would possibly gain more attention, the more content the better. Some of these sites and apps that come to mind would be making a more diverse Pinterest, possibly Vimeo to share other forms in video production, and also using Archive.org for offering content that helps get the word out more for other promotional uses, but for free, to give the upper hand of offering content that attracts toward other media. This is just the start for me in social media marketing, all that I have learned will help guide me in the right directions.

For recommending clients to my work, I would easily start off with my Facebook pages that would feature my works and have links towards other projects that I have worked on or will be working on. These other social media networks would be my Instagram; that features most of my favorite works in photography, image editing, digital art, and even my music, Youtube; that features all of my video work in production, recording, and video edition, and my LinkedIn; that gives a more professional, in depth look to my attributes with what I have learned and what I have done in previous work.

Social Media Marketing: App Reviews

With social media marketing, apps are just as important as your service or products. Which apps work best for your business? Which apps do you use daily? How effect are they with connecting socially? With these dynamics in mind, I list my top 5 favorites that benefit to social media and even to marketing.

  1. Facebook / Facebook Messenger

    Facebook has become a social media juggernaut throughout the years and people highly depend on it for communication, whats trending, and now, even business. Facebook has an application for its messaging platform with Facebook Messenger that works with your mobile devices that connect with the inbox of the account that you sign in with. This makes it easier for you to get in touch with everyone when you’re on the go or even at home when you’re not on your PC. Facebook is still growing in implementing business features for anyone that has their own independent business, small business, or growing business. With this as a top of the line social media platform, you will definitely make great connections and keep up to date with trends and news.
  2.  Twitter

    Another top ranking social media platform that is making it’s name known by everyone that is on social media. Twitter uses a posting system that is kept short with a limit of 140 characters. This is helpful to keep things short and sweet and directly to the point. In today’s use of social media, there is so much out there, so keeping things simple helps us get the message in a way that we can perceive in a quick timed manner. Twitter as an app for your mobile device helps utilize this concept while we are out and about. Twitter also uses the ever so popular hashtag system that helps categorize trending topics, places, and social followings, making Tweets even more powerful with the gathering of social media users.
  3. LinkedIn

    A more formal social networking platform that is business oriented. Like Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn lets you create profile for yourself, but LinkedIn helps give you an upper-hand with connecting to those that you have worked with before on a positive level and also have the chance to meet others that might be interested in working with you or know of jobs in your field of profession. LinkedIn lets you fill out an in-depth profile that highlights your attributes in your previous work, what your college education and skills have been, and what your profession is. You can share posts sharing work that you’ve done, posts stating your service that you have to offer, and all types of projects. LinkedIn is a powerful app to use if you want to express your professional side.
  4.  Instagram

    A social app based off the dynamic of sharing photos and videos. Now that almost all mobile devices have cameras built with them, the possibilities of capturing images and videos are now more prominent among social media platforms than ever. Instagram gives people the option to share their content online with others on Instagram and other connected social media services. This has opened the doors for people to share what is most important to them, be it capturing the moment right then and there, sharing trends within photos or video, and now even for promoting business. With Instagram now allowing people to now register business profiles, Instagram is taking the next level towards making social media marketing more available to everyone.
  5.  Youtube

    Before all of the well known social platforms that are being used now these days, Youtube has been one of the oldest platforms that has grown into something so impressive, that many that have used it in the early years wouldn’t have thought that Youtube would make them famous. Youtube is a video sharing platform that lets people upload their videos. Youtube has grown to the point where now some users can actually make money just from dedicating their time to uploading their original content. The growth of Youtube has become so major, that even big name companies have their own Youtube channels and even seek out others on Youtube to help develop content or help with services. Youtubers even get offers from companies to help promote their products through sharing information on what the company or organization is trying to market, promoting has become another great means attached to Youtube for others to make money. If you have the talent, a business that needs to get videos out there, or just enjoy making videos, then Youtube is a must for you to add to your social media marketing network.

Social Media Marketing Assessment

Through the course of Social Media Marketing, I’ve learned so much more of social media than I would have thought, and to incorporate marketing with the skills I’ve had before, I certainly have gained a lot more knowledge to how I will market myself as a multimedia specialist. The use of different social media platforms have grown to methods that I never put much thought to before, but now I see the effectiveness with combing all my work across those platforms so I have a wider range of sharing what I have done. With the keys to having successful social media marketing that I’ve learned, I highlighted the important steps that I really enjoyed and learned most from in this course. The following below is the graphic that I made based off of those keys and I am glad to share them with you.

keys to successful social media marketing

Press Release and Events

With the works of Press Release and Events, I often see many posts throughout social media about different events and offerings happening particularly with local small businesses, local independent businesses, independent bands, and artists. Press Release and events have been helpful with giving and receiving information with products, service, and developmental phases from those that are posting on the topics. I see postings for a variety of events for local businesses and groups and usually follow with great turn outs with their events with people going to participate. Even larger events make their notice to me from pages that I follow from places like Seattle or even neighboring states where events are being held.

In my experiences with Press Releases and Events, I’ve participated in music releases where my music had been featured, which helps the spread prior to the music being made available online for people to listen to, so the anticipation builds well to gain great reception and plenty of listeners. When preparing for press release and events, there is always a great amount of planning before sharing the topic online, which sometimes can either be the most fun of the experience or the tedious side of it, so be sure that planning ahead is put into consideration.

Engagement and Press Release

Hello everyone. With my work in photography, I am still planning ways on how to design around my branding. I am trying to think of ways of how to design my watermark to use on my photos and would really enjoy some feedback on it. Recent designs I have used are these ones.

jack cote photography


The feedback I’m looking for is something that could probably help me design the concept of using both of these elements I’ve used before. Any feedback is welcome.

Perception of Social Media

After starting my course of Social Media Marketing, I have definitely learned a lot more on how to use social media towards marketing for personal business. Before I have seen how groups and organizations used social media to spread their ideas and upcoming services and projects, I always imagined doing the same for all of the projects that I have wanted to work with and now with what I’ve been learning, I have the feeling that I could make the most out of connecting social media with marketing and business. The more that I will adapt with my own personal media business, I will utilize social networks to their full potential with my work and hopefully get a nice spread of information out to new clients.

While using social media, I typically only relied on Facebook to really communicate with others, but now I know the importance of including other social networks to take advantage of marketing with social media. Twitter has been a fun, new experience and I hope to see my tweets being shared by people that have enjoyed what I’ve been doing. Together, connecting networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube, I can see my social media marketing skills going to amazing heights.

Return on Investment in Social Media Marketing

Return on Investment is the primary goal of any business and is key to keeping circulation with whatever you do within your business. To me, this could be many different things. Within social media, this could be continuing to get followers and clients, sharing of the experiences within your business, and establishing new content towards what you are working with. All together, planning out your ROI is a step that should always be considered while you are working towards your goals and aspirations. Social media helps us follow along the routes and plans we make to further develop our return on investment.

For planning my return on investment, I could see myself utilizing my investments towards building an outstanding portfolio that reflects my works and shares to others what I could do for them. I also see my investments working towards my clients as well so they have outstanding content to provide for themselves as they further their own careers as well. The investments I make as well would help me further develop my methods towards how I create and build content entirely; by newer equipment, insurance, and maintenance as well. Return on investment can go several ways depending on how you picture the ways that you would manage it. Social media could go in ways of keeping track of how you choose to go about your ROI, just putting the thoughts to it at first is always the best way to start it off.

Importance of Digital Storytelling

In the growth of social media marketing, we must know the importance that digital storytelling plays within social media. Everyday now, as we browse the web from home on our desktops, with out tablets or phones while waiting for time to pass, or even now on our smart TVs that some of us might have, there are several ways that we engage with digital storytelling. Every word we see on websites, every video we watch online from video hosting services, and all the funny image macros or important posts that could be found on blogs or social media sites, these are all forms of digital storytelling and it’s amazing to see how much content is out there.

Internet video content has become as popular as television now these days. With sites like Youtube and Vimeo constantly growing with content, people utilize these sites to share their content for various ways. I’ve been enjoying great channels on Youtube lately that share amazing stories, all made from people with the talent to tell stories for their video hosting channel. One of these channels I’d like to share is called Snarled, a Youtube channel that hosts stories and lists about scary stories, scenarios, and information that we learn from the host that has chosen to take the time to cover the topic. Here is an example from Snarled.

Snarled – All Rights Reserved

When we seek through the internet for news or we see feeds on social networking sites, we think of this as almost a daily task, but this as well is a form of digital storytelling. Local news or major news, we still turn to these articles to get information and read into what is going on around us. This type of digital storytelling helps us keep connected and helps us keep up with current events. One site that I always use as a great standby for local news is always Peninsula Daily News’ website.


Another great and interesting aspect towards digital storytelling, is websites that have ways of sharing images, videos, posts, and other content directly onto the site from outside sources while trailing back to the original content. Reddit has been a great site that covers practically everything. Sub-Reddits are pages that belong to certain topics. Lots of great stories and lots of interesting stories come from different Sub-Reddits. Feel free to explore Reddit and see if you can find some great digital stories that you can relate to.


These examples are some great mainstream examples of how digital storytelling has evolved through the times of utilizing the internet. Things as simple as advertisements help companies grow from telling their story as an ad, photographers post their images that in themselves could tell stories, and blogs easily represent online journals. So the importance of digital storytelling is major for use to let others know what is going on and help us tell our own stories. In social media marketing, our stories are our products, so as far as we can share our story, someone is bound to be interested in our product.

Communities and Engagement

As far as communities and people that I engage with concerning my forms of talents, there are several groups and friends that follow the same dream as I do and there has been plenty of great times that we have shared our works respectably. Without my digital art, there are several groups and friends that I’ve shared work with and done work for. Some groups that I shared work and collaborated with include FREE THE PIXELS! (facebook), Glitch Artists Collective (facebook), Peninsula College Multimedia Student Hub (facebook), and several other digital art collaborative groups where we contribute edits towards requested images and artwork.

With music, I am also in several groups that we share our interests in music and often find other people that want remixes done or want to collaborate music together to release online. Most of my music work incorporates my own music (links provided below) as well as sharing others music through mixes (Mixcloud link provided below). With my work in music, I have been highlighted on the site Discogs which is a database towards my work in the music world. Some of my favorite works has been my mixes for fellow musicians and providing artwork for musician friends that wanted my expertise in providing them art for their music.

Here are my links to the works I contributed for those I worked with and my own personal works.

My links: BandcampSoundcloudMixcloudDiscogs
Collaborative Works: The †JackCote† &​~​-​(​_DΔZED MΔRROW_​)​-​~ 3xp3ri3nCe – Artwork provided: Dazed Marrow​/​Gaeseki Dream Machine EP – Tracks featured in: SULPHURIC RITES۩ 2016 #1 – Remix Track: Ňęċŗōmąŋċĕŗ by ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş X BΛNMΛSKIM [Single]